Manifesto from the authority of employee engagement to the business world

Richard Maloney

Engage & Grow, the leading brand of the employee engagement movement now active in over 50+ countries, has brought its people-oriented engagement manifesto to the attention of leaders and executive teams. The manifesto, signed and published in 50+ countries with over 100 signatures of engagement coaches, underlines the need to build an inclusive, transparent, just and safe business world that values people and their welfare for a sustainable world.

Melbourne – Feb 2021 

Engage & Grow, actively working in 50+ countries with over 300 licensed coaches on engagement, has published their manifesto based upon the idea that the Covid-19 pandemic is an exercise for sustainability and that there must be a novel perspective for decision makers of all areas. ‘The Employee Engagement Manifesto’ defends that the weight-bearing power of the new normal is ‘human’ and highlights the need to rapidly build a caring, valuing, inclusive, transparent, just and safe business world. 


Richard Maloney, The Founder of Engage & Grow Global, emphasised that the Employee Engagement Manifesto is a global call to the world’s business leaders and management teams. Maloney says, “The centre of power in the new normal is the human. As we saw so clearly in the pandemic, productivity, profitability, and business targets come as a result of people feeling good about themselves. This was a test for the world economy, and success was found in revolutionising the way companies manage employees.”

Drawing attention to an increase in employee burnout and the difficulty of struggling with the crisis, Maloney adds, “For people, being healthy is a must for sustainable business and a sustainable future. If you take people out of business, only artificial intelligence and desks remain. We all know that’s not enough.”


According to global research, employee engagement issues raise companies’ human resource costs by 34%! The sacrifices extend to lowering performance, reducing profitability, rapid employee turnover and a reduction in customer satisfaction with the estimated cost globally to be between 400 and 450 billion dollars. Maloney states, “This enormous global cost is too much for the world. We can only remove it by increasing employee engagement levels, and we can only do that by changing our point of view and if we are willing to be courageous as leaders of businesses and industry. If we take any austerity measures, they shouldn’t decrease employment, they should increase human and business productivity.”


Maloney, citing Gallup research which shows that raising employee engagement brings a 22% increase in profitability, a 17% increase in productivity, and a 10% increase in customer satisfaction, says, “Coming out of this global crisis requires global funding, and that can’t just be the governments’ responsibility. For business life to be sustainable, we need real change, right now.”

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