Lucia Csobonyei: Making Women Feel Confident & Empowered 

Entrepreneurship becomes more rewarding when you prioritize adding value over hitting new sales numbers. Although many entrepreneurs start their entrepreneurial journey with this idea of contributing to the greater good, in the process, some lose sight of the bigger picture. They get fixated on the sales numbers and get bogged down in a race with competitors. 

In contrast, entrepreneurs that solely focus on adding value not only feel more purposeful and meaningful in their entrepreneurial journey but also create a work environment built on trust, values, and greater good. Their journey becomes more rewarding as they see their work impacting their customers’ lives. Lucia Csobonyei, a successful women entrepreneur from Dubai, is one such entrepreneur who has impacted many women’s lives by showing them how to dress and live confidently.

Lucia Csbonyei
Lucia Csobonyei, Founder, eStyleShaker

An acclaimed personal stylist and fashion consultant in Dubai, Lucia Csobonyei is regarded for her ability to provide personalized fashion advice for women eager to wear fashionable clothes that define their unique style. With the firm belief that personal stylists should be the basic component of any women’s life, Lucia Csobonyei founded eStyleShaker, a one-stop place for women’s style and fashion needs. By putting her heart and soul into the company, eStyleShaker has today become the treasure for women who want to look confident and empowered.

Humble beginnings 

Being an entrepreneur was not all plain sailing for Lucia Csobonyei. After completing her graduation from business management, Lucia wanted to support herself by doing something that she could enjoy at the same time. Since most of her friends chose finance, she also chose finance; however, soon she understood that finance wasn’t the thing for her. 

Though her transition into marketing was seamless, she couldn’t find a sense of fulfillment in that arena. But then, it dawned upon her that she wanted to build something by herself and have more flexible hours and be her own boss. “I wanted to create something special, valuable and stay in women’s world with whatever I will do. Enjoy it, have fun, and not to spend long hours only in the office behind the desk, be helpful, be in touch with people and have some purpose in life through my business,” says Lucia Csobonyei.

However, the journey to independence and entrepreneurship was challenging. She started taking one step at a time and focused on building the foundation first. She started with taking image consultancy training as it felt like the right direction. While she had to face her fair of challenges along the way, it pushed her to overcome all the obstacles in her own right.

In the initial stage of consultation, Lucia had to do some calculations to find out what is her client’s body shape plus run some quizzes to find out what personality she was dealing with. “I started to think how cool and essential it would be to have a software with algorithm copying all my manual work,” adds Lucia. Ten years into the journey, Lucia has amassed all the possible information that exists regarding body shapes together with recommendations integrated into the style guide on eStyleShaker platform.

However, that’s not all. There are several other features that make eStyleShaker different from other platforms in the style and fashion industry. From getting a personalized style guide where you can watch foundation styling videos and learn how to create your style to having access to virtual wardrobe, eStyleShaker provides everything that women need to look remarkable. “Our vision starts here in UAE and goes beyond the borders globally. We wish that women would buy clothes that fit and leave pieces that don’t for others. They will buy what they need, don’t create too much waste and on the other hand, we would love to provide targeted clients to fashion brands,” affirms Lucia.

Marching Towards a Brighter Future

Under the leadership of Lucia Csobonyei, eStyleShaker is growing steadily. By providing the best services and earning the trust of customers, eStyleShaker has become the go-to service provider for style and fashion. When asked what traits define a good leader, Lucia says, “a leader should be there to give directions, give space to others to express ideas, and listen as there might be always something that completes the puzzle that is missing.” She further adds, “I would not be able to launch eStyleShaker if it wasn’t for teamwork. I think it’s also important to know how to delegate work not to get overwhelmed.”

Going forward, Lucia Csobonyei will enter the global market. However, before doing that, she wants to ensure that eStyleShaker provides the best experience possible for its clients in UAE. “We would love to cooperate with more fashion brands that love the idea of getting targeted clients onboard. We would love women to buy the style not the fashion only: Style that expresses and supports their beliefs, thoughts, aspirations, and lifestyle,” concludes Lucia.