Lt Col Bryan Miranda: Advocating for Proactive Cybersecurity in the Business World

Technology is ubiquitous today, invited in nearly all facets of our lives, almost everywhere around the world: in our homes, in schools, utilized by all kinds of organizations, harnessed by scientists and applied by governments. Although technology is beloved for helping society in many ways, its powerful nature attracts criminal activity i.e., cybercrime. Certain criminals may exploit weaknesses within technological systems to steal money, valuable or sensitive information and cause chaos. So, cybercrime is one of the ugly truths of society today and one of the biggest threats to businesses.

This presents the need for cybersecurity. As consumers of technology, all of us including common people, businesses and governments need to be careful and cautious as we engage with technology. Because cybercriminals are unfortunately trying newer and smarter ways to exploit weaknesses, we need to rely on experts within the field of cybersecurity. Such experts are well educated about modern technologies, they recognize weaknesses within our tech systems, they know how cybercriminals typically exploit our systems and they prepare adequate security measures to resolve threats.

Lt Col Bryan Miranda
LT.Col.Bryan Miranda, Founder, Watchtower365

In this context, a former cybersecurity specialist from the Indian Army ‘Lt Col Bryan Miranda’ recognized the great need to introduce and to practice cybersecurity in the professional world. In his military past, he specialized in offensive or proactive cybersecurity and thus, gathered valuable practical experience for years. Upon retiring from the military, his innate passion for cybersecurity guided him towards helping businesses through the path of entrepreneurship.

Empowering Businesses with State-of-the-Art Cybersecurity Service

Lt Col Bryan Miranda devoted lots of time and energy to improve his proficiency and also build a cybersecurity service for small-to-medium sized businesses (SME’s) in particular. “I wanted to support the growth and success of SME’s without letting cybercrime cripple their dreams. I observed that increasing cyberattacks created great demand for cybersecurity within small, medium and large enterprises. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging to update and to secure the infrastructure of a business today. So, most SMEs are in a dilemma, limited by knowledge and budget,” Lt Col Bryan Miranda says.

Thus, Lt Col Miranda established ‘WatchTower 365’ in 2017, in Haryana, India, as a comprehensive cybersecurity offering for small, medium, and large enterprises to protect themselves from all kinds of cybercriminals and perform their business with peace of mind.

“Watchtower 365 allows small, medium and large enterprises to keep their business infrastructure updated and secure from all kinds of threats including ransomware, bitcoin miners and malware attacks,” Lt Col Miranda says. Here are the company’s main services:

  • Security Operations Centre-as-a-Service: A security operations centre(SOC) is a central station within an organization employing people, technology and methods to erect security measures and safeguard the entire organization from cybercrime. With the growing number of threats, ensuring security as well can become a continually growing challenge. So, businesses can invest in creating an SOC to protect themselves in the best way. Here, WatchTower 365 offers SOC-as-a-Service to enterprises, supported by a variety of services like security information reports, forensics, proactive security, threat hunting and many more.
  • Security Operations Centre-in-a-Box: A SOC-in-a-Box is special offering for small to medium sized businesses. Having less knowledge and financial resources, most small to medium sized businesses are much more vulnerable to cybercrime. So, WatchTower 365 offers a much more affordable and concise version of their SOC service for such clients, known as WatchTower S.M.A.R.T. 365 SOC-in-a-Box.
  • Guardian: This brings cybersecurity to the remote working or working from home context. As businesses allow their employees to work from their homes, Guardian offers a variety of cybersecurity tools including antivirus, digital forensics, incident response, investigations, continual monitoring throughout the day, week and year. It provides exhaustive response to incidents and threats within minutes. It’s available to customers as a cloud-based service.

In addition to these services, the company supports customers in other ways: proficient cybersecurity experts, 24*7 network monitoring, stress-free investigations, regularly improving network security and providing legally admissible evidence in case of serious security breaches.

Tracing Lt Col Miranda’s Professional Growth

Lt Col Bryan Miranda’s excellence within cybersecurity, business and leadership today is culmination of decades of learning and hard work. “I was brought up partially in a business family. My father was an entrepreneur and I followed his example even in my army career. He taught me a golden rule that all we need to do in business is to agree on a deal with a handshake. Thus, I understood that a man’s words were the most important part of the deal in the business world. I follow this lesson till date,” he says.

“Coming out of a uniformed and disciplined lifestyle from the army and into the chaotic lifestyle of business was perhaps the biggest challenge I’ve encountered professionally. I quickly learnt and adapted to this new world, still harboring the manners and etiquette I learnt from the army,” Lt Col Miranda shares his experience of transitioning into entrepreneurship.

“My advice for youngsters is to become a professional at what you love to do. You ought to invest a good 10,000 hours doing the same thing. Put in the hours to become the professional you need to be before you start your journey,” Lt Col Miranda gives his valuable advice to the youth.

Towards International Growth

WatchTower 365 was established to empower businesses, especially SMEs to protect themselves from the threat of cybercrime and perform their work with ease and peace of mind. With time, the company has helped innumerable companies through various services and it has grown internationally. From its headquarters in Haryana, India, the company has built five functional SOC’s around the world in India, UAE, KSA and UK with newer ones coming soon in Bahrain and New Zealand. Also, the company has partnered with a renowned brand ‘AT&T Cybersecurity’ to provide various security services to SME’s.

“My vision for WatchTower 365 is for the company to become a very well-known international service. Once I achieve this, I want to consult on cybersecurity projects and teach young minds out there in the future,” Lt Col Miranda shares his future aspirations.