Kimberly Randle: A Visionary Bridging Law and Human Rights to Combat Modern Slavery

Kimberly Randle

Kimberly Randle, CEO, FairSupply

In the realm of law, where justice teeters on a delicate balance, only a few possess the unwavering dedication and moral strength required to navigate the intricate complexities of the legal system. These stalwart leaders bring their unyielding principles and commitment to the table, ensuring that fairness and equity reign supreme. With eyes that see beyond the surface and a heart that beats to the rhythm of fairness, they fearlessly confront challenges head-on, leaving no stone unturned and no injustice unaddressed. These leaders remind us that justice is not a mere concept—it is an indomitable force, fuelled by an unbreakable belief and an unwavering dedication that runs deep within their veins.

One such formidable force in the pursuit of justice is Kimberly Randle, an experienced and innovative human rights advocate specialising in modern slavery with over 15 years of experience working in law and human rights for top-tier firms in Australia and the United States. Stubborn, argumentative, and passionate in her convictions, Kimberly always had an activist heart that pulsates to the rhythm of justice. And this innate drive led her to pursue a career in law. In the early years of her career, she engaged in corporate litigation in Los Angeles. However, she dedicated her weekends to volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico alongside her husband. This stark juxtaposition served as a poignant antidote to the pervasive entitlement she witnessed, offering a much-needed counterbalance. Eventually, she returned to Australia and started focusing on family law. But her journey took an even more profound turn when she joined forces with the International Justice Mission, the world’s largest organization fighting against slavery. As the Director of Corporate and Legal, she had the privilege of leading teams to Uganda, empowering and fortifying their justice systems. Additionally, she played a significant role in shaping Australia’s Modern Slavery Act of 2018.

The Beginning of FairSupply

In 2019, Kimberly took a courageous leap and established her very own law firm, exclusively dedicated to assisting businesses in complying with Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. However, she soon realized that most businesses knew little about slavery and even less about slavery in supply chains. Yet the Act required them to have visibility over their supply chains.

She hoped that someone may have already developed a supply chain visibility app to address this issue, but disappointingly, none existed. Undeterred, she forged ahead with her plans. Fortuitously, she crossed paths with Dr Arne Geschke, an industrial mathematician who had already meticulously mapped the world’s intricate supply chains. Their collaboration became the linchpin for plotting global slavery prevalence along these complex networks. Together, they embarked on a mission to develop a revolutionary means for clients to input their spending data, gaining invaluable visibility over their supply chains and identifying slavery risks. Their joint efforts led to the inception of FairSupply, a fast-growing, cutting-edge global ESG data provider and consultancy. Through world-leading proprietary technology, it provides businesses and institutional customers with unparalleled visibility over ESG risk along their entire supply chain.

Empowering Companies to Identify Modern Slavery Risks

In the corporate world, many listed companies lack clarity when it comes to their supply chains. However, FairSupply possesses cutting-edge technology that enables it to meticulously map these intricate networks. This mapping process goes beyond mere visualization and delves deeper to assess and quantify the risks associated with each tier of the supply chain. In essence, it classifies the tiers and quantifies the supply chain risk, thereby revealing the true extent of the modern slavery risk. The invaluable insight gained from this process allows companies to identify precisely where modern slavery risks are prevalent. “Companies that operate in a low-risk industry and low-risk country may believe that they are not exposed to modern slavery risk, but it’s actually deeper within the supply chain where we know modern slavery occurs. Our underlying philosophy is ‘you can’t fix what you can’t see’. Our technology is providing supply chain transparency to businesses in order to gain visibility over slavery risk and quantify it. This then informs how the companies can address this risk,” affirms Kimberly.

Cultivating a Dynamic and Collaborative Work Culture

According to Kimberly, the true essence of leadership lies in its ability to shape and nurture an empowering work culture. She firmly believes that culture is the key to success, and hence, at FairSupply, she strives to foster an environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. This principle extends not only to her but also to the entire team she leads. By encouraging this practice, she aspires to create a space where genuine dialogue can thrive, allowing for what she describes as “everyone leading everywhere, all the time.” 

This inclusive approach has become the lifeblood of FairSupply, injecting agility, innovation, and a fail-fast mindset into its very core. By nurturing a culture that values individual authenticity and embraces open dialogue, Kimberly has established a fertile ground for her team to unleash their creativity, take risks, and lead from any position. 

Besides its empowering culture, what sets FairSupply apart is the convergence of diverse fields – encompassing human rights law, climate science, biodiversity, big data mathematics, software engineering, and the art of storytelling. It’s a vibrant melting pot where experts from different walks of life collide, each with their own language and expertise. Yet, against all odds, FairSupply has cracked the code, bridging these gaps and uniting these specialists to develop a product that revolutionizes access to critical supply chain data for the planet and its people.

Set To Conquer New Heights

FairSupply recently achieved a major milestone by securing a whopping $6.3 million in a series A funding round led by Airtree alongside Tidal, Minderoo Foundation, and QIC. This investment has propelled FairSupply to new heights, igniting a period of rapid expansion and growth. As Kimberly Randle exclaims with enthusiasm, “We’re scaling up! We believe deeply in the incredible power of supply chain transparency to transform how the business addresses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. We know that this issue of data and transparency will be the key to the vast allocation of resources that is occurring with respect to the issues of people and the planet. The scale will be critical in ensuring we can meet the demand for our data.” With FairSupply leading the charge in revolutionizing supply chain transparency, there’s no doubt that the future holds exciting possibilities for businesses and the world at large.