Khalid AI Amin: Transforming Lives with Innovative Healthcare and Lifestyle Solutions

Over the past few decades, smart phones, wearable devices, and mobile devices are revolutionizing the world. Businesses of all sizes are constantly innovating new technologies and solutions to help customers solve their day-to-day challenges. Among all the exciting technologies that are changing our life constantly, mHealth apps are the ones that are truly transforming many aspects of clinical practice and are bringing value to health service users. Khalid AI Amin, co-founder of one such mobile health service provider, Mygenehub Ltd in the industry that is showing impressive performance and has built a strong reputation through innovation and their cutting-edge products and services.  

Khalid AI Amin was born in Doha, Qatar in the 80s where technological advancement was limited to mainly two things Atari game console and VCR. Khalid is an adventure seeker. And as child he was filled with a boundless level of energy for outdoor activities and always eager to discover things and meet new people. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Political Economy at an American university in Cairo. His volunteer work at the university as a Dormitory activity committee member shaped his understanding of international students with different cultural background and their diverse needs.

Khalid AI Amin
Khalid AI Amin, Co-Founder, Mygenehub LTD

The Inception Tale of MGH

The idea of MGH came to life during a cold winter holiday while Khalid was talking to his partners in 2018. While one of his partners is an ER doctor, the other one is a Forensic scientist who introduced the concept of DNA and how it impacts one’s wellbeing and lifestyle. “I assumed that DNA effect was only related to genetic diseases and defects. After some talk, we all believed that this can be a breakthrough business for the future and better human life,” shares Khalid. With a shared vision and strong desire to improve people’s lifestyle and wellbeing in business domains, the dream became a reality in early 2019 with the establishment of My Gene Hub in London.

“Our vision of the company lies in translating your DNA test results into easy-to-understand and ready-to-use recommendations. We believe optimal health is the result of a personalized preventive approach, and it starts with easily understandable and applicable recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise, and well-being,” says, Khalid.

For a Healthy Lifestyle

MyGeneHub is a leading European provider of innovative healthcare and lifestyle solutions based on preventive genetic testing. The company specializes in preventive genetic tests that are intended for the end-user. It also offers clinical genetic tests which help doctors with their therapeutic procedures. The tests adhere to the highest quality and are based on the latest scientific discoveries.

The prominent company offers a wide range of DNA-based analysis products to provide insights about the user’s body and gives recommendations and action plans to improve health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. Its most comprehensive test is Nutrift Premium that has 129 markers related to several aspects of lifestyle including weight management and body composition, nutrient metabolism, eating habits, cardiometabolic health, food intolerances, antioxidant responses, skin properties, and response to certain physical activities.

MGH has also other specialized products for lifestyle and health prevention. Nutri skin is a product that focuses more on skin health, vitality, and rejuvenation of the user. And, nutriplan is a unique meal plan based on the user’s gene analysis.

The company also offers a Health plan, which is a vital analysis that susceptibility for the development of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other diseases as well as responses to certain medications and new insights into genetically determined physical characteristics and abilities. MGH has also developed many compelling programs that aim to improve wellness and productivity through a cutting-edge mobile application platform, especially for the corporate.  

Words of Wisdom

Khalid is also the owner of a property cleaning company and with experience in running two ventures, he says that it is a very exhausting exercise, especially when it comes to niche products in new markets. He also believes that a business should develop a solid foundation that includes systems, policies, and procedures, structure and operations are very critical before any implementation. “Another important lesson, always believe that your business financials can be tricky, so always better to be prepared with the worst case. In this unpredictable world where dynamic can change drastically in a blink of an eye (COVID19 is the prime example), you may need to have a cautious strategy these days,” he advises.

Khalid also believes in the empowerment of people. He says that giving employees a sense of purpose, and making them feel that their contribution add value to the business are the two important factors for success and increasing employees’ loyalty.

Future Goals

MGH’s growth plans have been hindered due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. Nevertheless, the European company has managed to create its presence in Qatar, Oman, and Egypt. It is also developing a more comprehensive 360 approach to a better lifestyle journey by signing and partnering with specialized gyms, nutrition, and wellness centers to provide the users a holistic journey approach.

In 2021, MGH aims to open the Qatar branch due to the market demand plans to partner with medical and corporates institutions in the UK, Qatar. “There are big expansion plans that we are looking at in GCC region, and Egypt and see out potential opportunities, especially for b2b,” concludes Khalid.