Kali Rath: Modernizing and Optimizing Logistics for the Indian Mining Industry

As Kali Rath, an Indian entrepreneur, set up ezTruck in 2019 as a Business-to-Business (B2B) logistics service platform dedicated to the mining industry, he confronted a nation-wide challenge in the logistics sector. Because most participants follow outdated business practices and haven’t adopted the latest in technology, the Indian logistics sector is fragmented. And even though it’s growing rapidly with a CAGR of 12.17 %, it is highly disorganized and technology penetration is very low, especially in the mining industry.

Having over a decade of professional experience in business consulting, marketing, business development and branding, Kali Rath set out to find a practical answer. As a technically-adept and forward-thinking business leader, he envisioned a way to bring the fruits of modern and technology-enabled logistics to support the underserved mining businesses.

Kali Rath
Kali Rath
Founder & Ceo, Eztruck

“The Indian logistics sector is poised to surpass $307 billion by 2020. Despite the huge market and transaction volume, there isn’t a single player that’s providing a dedicated solution to the mining industry,” Kali Rath explains. This is why he partnered with another proficient businessman Brajendra Pratap and together, they founded ezTruck in Bangalore, India. They built a powerful technological B2B platform that seamlessly connects mining businesses with truckers, integrating both demand and supply onto a single platform.

Supporting the Mining Industry with A Hi-Tech and Dedicated Platform

“ezTruck offers a dedicated marketplace catering to the mining industry. Mining businesses can easily find fleet and trucks based on their specific requirement and book them instantly. Through our service, they can also efficiently track and manage the movement of the trucks,” Kali Rath says. The service is now well-established as a B2B marketplace for intra- and inter-city freight services dedicated to the mining industry.

ezTruck brings several unique and powerful advantages to mining businesses. These include: instant vehicle allocation, driver management, live vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics management, vehicle optimization, access to dealers of various spare parts and insurance for drivers, vehicles and assets. “Fleet owners get proper loading services including loading, unloading and return loading for their truck with minimum waiting time, route optimization and driver convenience services, all making the trip more economical and highly optimized for better output,” Kali Rath adds. It also equally benefits transportation service providers as they learn the real-time demand for vehicles from mines and can instantly offer services at the click of a button.

“Transporters have the opportunity to increase the number of trips based on real-time information. The service also ensures that they can arrange return and pickups for about 90% of the trucks avoiding about 50% loss in revenues,” Kali Rath says further.

A Vision to Serve the Nation-Wide Mining Industry

ezTruck centralizes all these vital functions on a single portal and app. It’s supported by the latest in technology including GPS technology, data analytics and intelligent auction engines equipped with smart mobile interfaces. Moreover, the service is modernizing the industry by introducing mobile payments and is replacing outdated cash-based methods.

Through its with data-driven and tech-enabled B2B platform, the service is realizing seamless and effortless business in the ecosystem. Its improved integrated logistics services reduce conventionally high costs, thereby improving overall efficiency levels in the ecosystem. “I want that my startup ezTruck to become one of leading logistics start-ups in India within 3 years,” Kali Rath reveals his vision. Currently, the company is planning to launch its services in two additional Indian states, i.e. Odisha and Jharkhand in the coming months. As per its strategy, the company will serve some of the biggest names in the mining industry within these two states where there are more than 3,50,000 state-registered trucks. Gradually, the service will expand to build a PAN India presence and serve mining businesses across the nation.