Joyce Tsang: A Highly Passionate Content Marketing Expert on a Quest to Unleash the True Potential of Content for Brands

Joyce Tsang

Joyce Tsang, Founder & Content Marketer, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited

Some believe they’re born to be an entrepreneur. They know from an early age they were meant to start their own venture and solve a big problem. However, not all entrepreneurs begin with the vision of running a company. In fact, some of the most successful business leaders don’t have the entrepreneurial urge in the beginning. They take on new challenges, learn from their experiences and keep exploring new opportunities in the pursuit of their vocation and end up making a big impact in the world of business. This story highlights the inspiring journey of one such exemplifying entrepreneur, Joyce Tsang, the founder & Content Marketer of Joyce Tsang Content Marketing Limited, a budding boutique content marketing consultancy with a growing client base in Hong Kong and internationally.

A passionate marketer and a dedicated educator, Joyce describes herself as a Slasher — coined by Marci Alboher, the term refers to someone who does not follow the traditional nine-to-five routine, but instead, takes up multiple jobs and becomes a boss on their own. Joyce always enjoyed making things, creating content and telling stories. However, before dipping her toes into the content marketing world, the multitalented leader tried her hand at several things. She was a competing singer in high school. She freelanced as a model and actress and then began dancing as an extracurricular activity to graduate with an IB diploma. She continued dancing as a side gig for over a decade. After graduating with a BA in Visual Arts from UBC, she landed her first full-time role as a reporter. Thus, Joyce began her professional career as a journalist and editor before transitioning to the role of digital marketer and content director across both the in-house and agency industry. While she worked full-time, she continued to dance and started her own art and culture magazine,

The Journey to the Prominence

Though Joyce didn’t plan on starting a business, it has always been a desirable option in the back of her mind. One day, she was surprised to find a Linkedin DM from a stranger who said he’s seen her content and wondered if she offers content marketing services. The idea quickly snowballed from there, allowing her to see the potential of starting this business. But she then realized she was slowly falling back into the routine of agency life, which is not what she wanted to do. Offering regular retainers was never her goal. She wanted to create content strategies for entrepreneurs who would value it. That was the first challenge for Joyce Tsang Content Marketing and Joyce is still in the process of solving it. Joyce wanted clients to get professional answers on the spot and needed people to understand the importance of a content strategy. “I’ve created countless content in my career. Most of them were just guessing games. The gut feeling does not bring your content closer to success. It takes science and research to justify the effort,” elucidates Joyce.

Another key area of focus for Joyce was to attract like-minded clients, who treasure perspective, value, and collaborative relationships rather than those who see a third-party service provider as someone to dump all their work onto. Everything from her branding, content, and offerings spiraled from there. Today, as a content marketer, Joyce helps entrepreneurs, as well as different business owners, create their content strategies. She educates them on how to distribute content through digital marketing and social media. Her immense contributions to the marketing industry also led her to be recognized with the ‘Outstanding Leadership Award’ at the Marketing 2.0 Conference’s glittering recognition session.

True Entrepreneurship Is Solving a Problem Passionately

Every business leader has their own set of beliefs, and core values, which set them apart from others. For Joyce, it is passion and education. For the ingenious leader, true entrepreneurship is all about solving a problem passionately. “Passion encompasses unquantifiable elements like drive, creativity, desire, and a sense of achievement. In my opinion, those are the motivators for true entrepreneurs,” opines Joyce. She also values education and believes in sharing knowledge. “Growth comes from sharing your knowledge and seeing how other people react. To learn from their perspective, consolidate their thinking, and digest their feedback. And education never stops. It’s a consistent process that happens differently throughout the span of your lifetime. Poetic but true, it’s very much like content marketing. It’s not about saying something new all the time but refining the way you say it so it reaches and touches the right people,” adds Joyce.

A Self-Motivated Solopreneur with Unbeatable Spirit

As a solopreneur running on a teamlancing model, Joyce doesn’t have full-time employees that come to work every day. However, she has a networked team of freelancers whom she reaches out to assemble for projects. She considers them as partners and treasures and values their input as much as their output. Being a solopreneur, staying motivated every day needs a strict act of self-discipline as it’s easy to sleep and call it a day while working from home. However, being genuinely passionate about her work, Joyce never slacks off and strives to serve every client to the best of her ability. “As Seth Godin says, ‘I write another blog because it’s another day.’ It has become an ingrained habit for me to work on what Joyce Tsang Content Marketing needs to grow every day. Indeed, it makes it more delightful that the content I create generates traction. It’s like seeing a plant grow from the seeds you’ve sowed,” affirms Joyce.

Continues Reshaping the Content Marketing Space

Forging ahead, Joyce aspires to continue her exciting journey and make a mark as a pioneering content marketer in Hong Kong. She wants people to recall her name when they need content marketing insights and advice. To realize this goal, she is relentlessly working towards it by creating quality content, networking with others, and continuing to leave a mark wherever she can. For emerging entrepreneurs who aspire to follow a similar path, Joyce advises not to give up and to stay open-minded to learn and unlearn things in their journey. “You might have over or underestimated the work involved or are entering realms you do not know about. But remember that there are others just like you. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is they didn’t give up. Reach out, connect with others, and be motivated by the problem you wish to solve, not the money you hope to earn,” asserts Joyce on a concluding note.