Jeff Williams: The Entrepreneur committed to growing your business beyond boundaries

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams, Co-Founder and the CEO, Genfinity

Every business, whether it is a startup, or an established organization can benefit from assistance that would help them grow professionally as well as holistically. However, there is no silver bullet that can transform your business radically, overnight. It requires creation and adherence to standard operating procedures, quality oversight protocols, strong management, and a skilled workforce to reframe your business to achieve and maintain internationally accepted standards. Genfinity is such an organization, which, with the application of its robust infrastructure is pledged to transform and proliferate your healthcare business to best utilize the Philippine healthcare educated talent pool.

Jeff Williams, a Co-Founder and the CEO of Genfinity, instead of walking the beaten path, chose to lead by exception. A thinker and a visionary, Jeff set off to ameliorate and transcend the US healthcare industry by aligning it with the Philippines’ most sought-after nursing population and infallible customer service-oriented capabilities. As a prudent businessperson, Jeff was quick at identifying a solution to the significant labor shortage pervasive in the US healthcare sector, by providing a means to best utilize the Philippine’s vast healthcare educated resources via the creation of their own wholly owned Philippine entity. Typically, U.S. companies focused on healthcare support and services lack the depth and dimension in knowledge and resources, critical to the incorporation of a Philippine entity and this is where Genfinity provides a solution.

Jeff began his Philippines journey implementing MediCall, a 3rd party BPO entity that extended support to US healthcare organizations by utilizing the Philippines’ renowned nursing population, in an offshore BPO model. The U.S.-based insurance companies, clinical teams including medical professionals, clinics and hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies were identified as potential clients for services developed and revamped by MediCall. Providing support to customer/patient facing areas like customer support calls and live nurse chat to back-office claim adjudication, medical underwriting, and case management.

Genfinity was formed to provide a more cost-effective model that provides greater client control by enabling true process integration and resources utilization via the creation of the client’s wholly owned Philippine entity. Genfinity oversees and participates in all aspects related to incorporation (SEC registration, local government filings, etc.), while also providing services in Payroll, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Labour Law, and Local Accounting Services. Encouraged by the recent growth in the Global In-house Centers (GIC) space, and the positive responses from potential clients, Mr. Williams, along with Genfinity’s other Co-Founder, Attorney Michelle Duenas, set out to establish Genfinity as the premier entity in the Philippines focused on lowering the barriers to entry typically associated with incorporating and operating offshore operations.

Overcoming barriers

No business can flourish without challenges and no person can prove himself as a successful entrepreneur without riding out a few storms. In Jeff’s experience, the biggest business challenges arise at the onset of the entrepreneurial journey. The challenges of creating brand value and building a customer base are significant to the novice entrepreneur. Jeff considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to volunteer his services via industry associations that afforded him close relationships with valued customers and industry connections, who helped him gain the experience and knowledge required to launch a start-up.

Businesses operate best when they function in a comprehensive teamwork model, where every member works towards the common purpose of optimizing your service offerings and capabilities by identifying solutions that utilize the best resources to achieve the best outcome. For the global entrepreneur, a major hurdle is to bridge the gaps encountered with a multicultural workforce by identifying and addressing the differences that stem from diverse ideological backgrounds and labor work practices. Genfinity addresses such issues through clearly defined work practices, bridging the differences in labor laws, and rigorous process and product training. Here, the workers are trained to respect their cultural and operating environment differences yet work united towards a common goal.

Finally, Jeff values equanimity over self-complacency. For the entrepreneur, self-gratitude can be a serious threat to the life and stability of any organization. Hence, At Genfinity, he strives to never accept the status quo, with the company focused on expanding and improving its existing services. In the words of the entrepreneur, “GIC enablement is just the start of the journey. Genfinity’s goal is to be recognized as a trusted partner and valued resource that you can always count on.”

Award-winning services

Along the journey, Genfinity has been able to earn its reputation as a pioneer in providing key business functions As-A-Service to its corporate clients. Its prime objective is to assist its clients in establishing and maintaining a Philippine entity with the help of Genfinity’s cutting-edge services and solutions.

In the Facility wing, the company helps you to identify the official sites, and negotiate and execute a lease agreement. Genfinity relieves you of complex legal procedures by processing the registration and acquiring permits across multiple government institutions. It also manages all non-litigation legal, governmental, permit, and HR issues that may arise during the course of operations.

In finance, the company assists in establishing depository accounts of the required paid-up capital of the corporation. It facilitates and manages local accounting/bookkeeping services and audit support under Philippine laws.

Talent Acquisition is an important aspect of an organization. Here also Genfinity participates in the selection, engagement, hiring, and on boarding of the employees. HR policy is an essential framework that every organization must ensure for smooth functioning. Genfinity designs, implements and maintains the best HR and Payroll policies and systems on behalf of its clients. It utilizes a unique cloud-based Human Resources Information System and cloud-based payroll processing software for wage determination and policy implementation. The company extends support in operation management by supervising local operations in conjunction with the client’s US-based Client management.

Furthermore, to realize immediate operations Genfinity provides a client-dedicated staff in a “Staff Leasing model”, which may be converted to direct employment with the client at the time of entity incorporation or when the client is ready to bring the resources fully in-house to its newly established Philippine entity.


Genfinity’s high-end GIC setup model has been uniquely designed to provide the Philippine labour costs as a direct pass-thru with support services as requested. The services are delivered in an Ala Carte, As-A-Service vernacular. Costs for these services are offered in advance and eventually brought in-house by the clients as the GIC operation matures, without any buy-out or closing cost on the backend. Traditional BOT (Build Operate Transfer) models require services to begin with the Build in a traditional BPO model (with start-up fees), then evolve to Operate with corresponding margins added to the labor cost, and end with a significant “buyout” at the time of Transfer. Typically, the Transfer “buyout” is cost prohibitive, resulting in the program staying in a standard BPO model minimizing cost effectiveness to the client.

High-value culture

The tagline of Genfinity “Enabling Excellence” happens to be the trademark of the organization and it upholds the values cherished by the team and its Lead Visionaries, Jeff and Atty. Michelle. At Genfinity, the entrepreneur orchestrates every new business endeavour, resource, and management policy toward achieving excellence at every stage. The company adopts and undergoes a continual process of review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to enable an evolving, measurable, effective application of every aspect of operation. Genfinity is continually evolving with new ideas and skill sets to best support existing and generate new clients and create more job opportunities, which makes the company an ideal workplace ensuring stability and growth for every employee.

Way forward

As a successful business leader, Jeff believes in maintaining flexibility and openness in business. As the CEO and a Co-Founder of Genfinity, he accumulates the best ideas and resources to bring forth state-of-the-art solutions to his clients. For this purpose, the entrepreneur combines the views and ideas of all generations, from Boomers to Gen-Z and integrates them to produce the best business output. Apart from handling the overall corporate governance, as the CEO, Jeff, strives to foster and cultivate the team spirit of delivering the best solutions to every aspect of the operation.

With management experience spanning over twenty (20) years, Genfinity has been helping people with their flagship services and solutions in almost every aspect of Health Information Management (HIM). With our dedication to continually evolve, Genfinity is further enhancing their RPA services offering and had recently collaborated with a company that provides a WFH platform with proven security and BYOD aspects to the mix.

The entrepreneur’s message to budding entrepreneurs is filled with mighty words, which could stir the imagination of young minds and guide them to take the first leap of faith. “Opportunities are everywhere in every aspect of business. Look for pain points; do you have a solution that can address the pain? If the answer is yes, then get busy developing, testing, and vetting it. A great idea is just that, an idea. You must put in the work and dedication to turn an idea into a viable solution”, asserts the leader.