Jeemon Fernandes: Self-Made Technopreneur Leading by Example

Jeemon Fernandes, Managing Director, Powersoft Technologies

A great leader who follows their passion and goals becomes an inspiration to others. One such outstanding leader who turned his dream into a reality is Jeemon Fernandes.

One has to go through a great deal of hardships when transitioning from being an employee to an entrepreneur. As we advance in our careers, the desire to be our own boss fades away. Giving up a stable career with benefits and a regular salary takes a lot of guts. Eventually, we accept the role as an employee and lack a genuine connection to our jobs. 

The Path Walked On

Jeemon asserts, “Before my entrepreneurial journey, life was very much a routine. Wake up; get ready to go to the office, work 8-10 hrs and sometimes 15 hrs. Come back home and have very little time with family, and then you are off to bed.” 

Jeemon’s inspiration to start his own IT Company roots back to his college days when he was doing his Master’s degree in Computer Applications (MCA). The passionate technologist worked in the corporate world for fifteen years wearing different leadership hats. With over two decades of experience in the IT software industry both in the Public and Private sectors, Jeemon has abundant knowledge of the evolving market trends. Driven by his inquisitiveness, it took him 15 years to start Powersoft Technologies. Today, Jeemon is the Managing Director of the Company, a technology consulting firm that helps customers build their tomorrow’s enterprise, see into the future of business, and outperform their competition. He shares, “Knowing the potential benefits of software systems in our day-to-day life and its ability and power to enable and empower businesses that is how the company was named Powersoft Technologies.”

Incepted in 2013, the company specializes in IT Software Applications, and Jeemon started off the company with zero investment. The company started well with large-scale projects and made the initial revenue to continue the business forward successfully. Jeemon also recruited technical engineers to work on the projects. Unfortunately, due to the fluctuations in the economy, the year 2016 and 2017 was extremely challenging years for the company. During the hard times, the team stayed strong and persevered by taking smaller opportunities to sustain and ride along the way. “I’m glad the following years we managed to clinch some bigger deals and we continued towards the growth path,” says, Jeemon.

Powersoft Technologies’s Culture

Headquartered in Singapore, the company’s culture is driven by Jeemon’s strong set of values. He says, “We believe in being efficient in the things that we do. It is about being productive. It is not about being in the office for the whole eight hours and working hard for those eight hours or longer. We have flexible working hours for our staff. We ensure there is knowledge sharing among the team and that the strengths and weaknesses of individuals are recognized, and a right balance is set so that the team can perform to the best of their ability.”

As a leader, Jeemon believes that it is important to treat people well, both the employees and clients and that is the key to building that relationship. The avid entrepreneur ensures a good working relationship and has gatherings and team events to bond with each other. The team goes by the concept of ‘work hard and play hard.’ Jeemon says, “For my clients, it is important that they are satisfied with the service that we provide. We try our best to provide quality service and meet their expectations. This has always rewarded us with our clients coming back to us with repeated business opportunities.”

Jeemon believes that true entrepreneurship is about not being afraid of failures, but learning from them and achieving better results. An entrepreneur must have the ability to withstand the storms that come along this journey. Being able to persevere through the rough and tough times and not giving up but pressing hard and taking the opportunities as it comes along.

Words of Wisdom

When asked about what advice he would like to endow onto budding entrepreneurs who aspire to start a new venture, he says, “Build and maintain relationships as that would help them in the long run. And also to plan well in their finances keep in the buffer for uncertain times.”

Currently, Jeemon aims to implement projects in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan. He also looks forward to increasing the company’s revenue by 5 times more.