Jason Hood: A Resilient Leader Helping Firms Reap Success by Unlocking R&D Capital

Personal hardship is an undeniable fact of life. We all fall on hard times at some point in our life. But how one tackles the situation is what separates the everyman and the great. While most of us get disheartened and call it a day when life throws us a curveball, some not only pull through it but also use their hardship as a jumping-off point for helping others. They push through adversity and relentlessly pursue their vision and finally pioneer it into success with undying perseverance, grit, and a never-give up-attitude. 

One such influential business leader who defied all the odds and personal hardship along his way and rose to prominence with sheer determination, diligence, and passion for helping others is Jason Hood, the CEO & founder of BourkeHood, a leading global Research, and Development (R&D) Innovation Consultancy with offices in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and the United Kingdom. Jason always wanted to build something of his own, not just for himself but to support all his family and friends. And it is the unwavering passion that helped him to bounce back after losing a business in London and to endure one of the most devastating moments of his life when he lost his mother. Despite all the odds, he didn’t give up and started turning his passion and plans into actions. In 2019, he founded BourkeHood. The name ‘BourkeHood’ is a combination of his Late Mother’s maiden name, ‘Bourke’, and his family name ‘Hood.’.

Jason new work shot
Jason Hood, CEO & Founder, BourkeHood

Empowering Companies to Grow with Innovation Funding

BourkeHood is a global R&D consultant working across a multitude of sectors and business sizes to help clients apply for state and federal R&D Tax Credits. The pioneering company addresses the two most common barriers to growth: time and money. Specializing in Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive, a program that rewards eligible companies for investing in innovation, BourkeHood helps clients improve their business performance and accelerate growth. The proficient consultants at BourkeHood not only have years of experience in the global R&D Tax Incentives landscape, but also extensive backgrounds in technical sectors ranging from Engineering, Science, Software development, Construction, Biotechnology, and more. As a result, the technical narrative of the clients’ claim is much more detailed, with a more defensible structure, translating into a smoother process and access to greater tax savings for its clients.“My values are reflected in the company’s vision and mission to support other Australian entrepreneurs who are trying to make a name for themselves. We are always making sure that we will have a smooth transaction with our clients. We tell them everything we need and they need to know,” asserts Jason.

Success Is Being Able To Give Back

Every successful leader has their own definition for success. For Jason, success is to be able to help others and to create a positive impact on the community. “Success can be defined in different aspects, success as an achievement over what you have been trying to do, or success in your career for having achieved the position or role you wanted, etc. For me success is simply having that fulfillment over what you really wanted to do and what you are passionate about without stepping on anyone, being able to give back and touch other people’s lives by giving them the help they need, that is success for me,” opines Jason.

According to Jason, the 3 most important responsibilities of an entrepreneur are — to always inspire, give advice, and help. “I’ve always pointed out that success is not magic, if you want to be successful, your greatest mission should be to help people. I want people to do their best and if they need help, ask for it,”  adds Jason.

Strengthening Customer Relationship through Communication

BourkeHood’s success and growth to the global level can be traced back to its value-driven, and collaborative culture and its focus on communication. Jason believes that communication is the key to having a great relationship with customers. Thus, under the insightful leadership of Jason, BourkeHood always strives to better understand and satisfy the needs of its clients through effective communication. “We make sure they know where we are and what we are working on for them. This creates a bond between BourkeHood and its customers. We want to make them feel that they are taken care of. When it comes to my employees, it’s about helping them grow and celebrating their achievements and wins,” affirms Jason.

Continues Helping Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Moving ahead, Jason looks forwards to helping as many entrepreneurs as he can, especially SMEs that can contribute to the economy. “We have a lot of promising entrepreneurs with great business plans who if given the right help can be successful and can turn out something big,” states Jason.

In his advice to aspiring and budding entrepreneurs, Jason encourages them to never lose hope and not to give up on their dreams. He urges them to work on their dreams and to continue to aspire to greater heights. “Success is not an overnight thing but when it comes, it will delight you. So just continue and work hard for it,” concludes Jason.