Jason Back: An Expert Mortgage Broker Driving Businesses towards Excellence

In this digital era, like any other, the mortgage industry is going through a lot of changes and is evolving to meet the market needs, and mortgage broking is leading the lending industry in adapting to this. There have always been professional uncertainties, companies and corporates that face unprecedented market, now more than ever. With a compassionate approach, Jason Back is changing the face of the mortgage industry. Jason is the Founder & Director of the multi-award-winning company called Broker Essentials. He is Australia’s leading mortgage broker business mentor, a well-known figure in the finance industry, and a sought-after media commentator. With over 30 years of corporate experience in the finance sector, Jason has worked in senior sales, distribution, and management roles for ANZ and provided financial advice and services on behalf of financial planning, equity trading platforms, private banking, lending, and retail distribution brands.

Jason Back
Jason Back, Founder & Director, Broker Essentials

“Becoming an entrepreneur was not a conscious decision, but an acknowledgment that there was a problem in how my industry was being served, and a clear gap in the market that I was very well placed with positioning, credibility, and experience to fill,” shares, Jason. “It was on a 5-hour road trip to a relatives wedding in 2016 where the concept of Broker Essentials was formed. I’m blessed to have married one of Australia’s leading Thought Leaders in communication, Anneli Blundell, so having a leading trainer, facilitator, and entrepreneur to workshop concepts, structure, and delivery with, meant this was never a matter of if, just when.”

At the time of inception, Jason was the Managing Director of Australia’s largest independent brokerage, and building a business from the ground up, while running a large company was always an exciting challenge.

Broker Essentials was incepted to fill the gap of supporting the Australia Broking market with education, resources, and advice that works instead of the slogans, gimmicks, or an Insta post to grow their businesses. It also wanted to fill the significant void of skills and experience in the industry that was needed to support the SMEs in the desire to sustainably build, grow and scale their businesses.  

Through its variety of modalities the company aims to deliver a tailored experience to its clients in taking ideas through the creative phase, into implementation, then review phases of change. According to Jason, most SME owners don’t lack the imagination or the intellect when it comes to running a successful business, they lack the ability to take a great idea and implement it. Through Broker Essentials, Jason supports businesses in implementation via the resources and advice as well as the accountability and structure they need to stay the course.

Impactful Leadership

Jason believes that the role of an entrepreneur is to inspire others and encourage them to take risks. He shares, “My leadership style over the years has ranged from autocratic, to agile, from authoritative to democratic. I take a more consultative approach to my leadership now, as someone who has been in the industry for 30 years, I like to draw on my experiences, both good and bad to support my clients and help them shape their perspective no matter what the situation.”

According to Jason, success is about how one feels about themselves, their contribution to society, your family, and finding happiness. “They say with age comes wisdom. I’m not sure I am wise, but I have been exposed to so much and have experienced so much more, that my role now is to reflect and communicate what I’ve learned so others can take a path that has not fewer obstacles, but illuminates the ones they come across.”

Jason has an altruistic desire to lift the tide of education for financial fitness in Australia with the Australian consumer. The broking industry plays a critical role in the education of consumers, so with his services supporting the growth, stability, and sustainability of the market, this, in turn, lifts the tide of performance for brokers and delivers the best outcomes for consumers. 

Beholding the Future

The avid entrepreneur is excited about the change. He believes that we live in a world that is evolving at a revolutionary pace and how it affects human behaviours, what this means for how technology supports the underlying nature of the industry, and the way they do business today. He says, “I want people to challenge the long-held assumptions that potentially have them suspectable to disruption and take risks, be bold and make their mark.” During the global pandemic in the last couple of years, the world has broken down many stereotypes on how we work and live. Jason hopes to hold onto many of these changes as we move into a Covid normal. 

“And I’m excited for the next phase of Broker Essentials as we continue to deliver to Australia the leading training, coaching, and development program for Mortgage Brokers,” concludes, Jason.