Jacky Lee: A Visionary Leader on a Mission to Transform Global Payment Landscape

The role of a CEO is of utmost importance for the success of an organization. As a torch-bearer of an organization’s vision, a CEO needs to manage the teams, maximize the efficiency of the firm while enhancing its overall productivity. Thus, CEOs must have an unwavering belief in their vision, an uncanny ability to recruit the right talent, and an optimistic outlook to create an admirable work environment. But, acquiring these traits and translating them into coherent ideas to achieve the organizational goal is no cakewalk. Very few individuals rightfully claim these qualities and efficiently lead their organization towards global success. One prime example of such inspiring leadership is Jacky Lee, the CEO of Tranglo, a globally leading company in payment technology.

Jacky began his journey with Tranglo in 2016 as a consultant. However, with his sharp business acumen and expertise in finance, accounting, and audit, he acquired several leadership roles in the company. In 3 years, he led the creation of a consumer-focused product and expansion of Tranglo into the international scene, capitalizing on strategic decisions to venture into new markets using state-of-the-art technological innovations. As a result, the processing value of Tranglo in 2019 became more than 10 times the 2016 figure.

Jacky Lee,
CEO, Tranglo

“As CEO, I formulate strategic goals, policies, and plans to effect over USD2.2 billion in transaction value a year. It’s been an amazing journey so far leading a group of young and vibrant professionals,” says Jacky.

Enabling Secure and Seamless Cross-Border Payments

Tranglo is one of Asia’s leading cross-border payment hubs that enable businesses and consumers worldwide to make affordable and instant cross-border transfers through secure and reliable platforms. Armed with a global network and pioneering technology, the company makes cross-border transactions faster, convenient, affordable, and more secure. This allows businesses to make any form of global payments including money and mobile airtime regardless of their location.

Currently, the international presence of the company spans more than 100 countries, 2,500 mobile operators, 1,300 banks, and wallets, as well as 130,000 cash pickup points. And it has also been consistently recognized by international platforms and magazines as one of the top 200 cross-border payment firms in the world. Besides this, Tranglo is also renowned for its fast response time, round-the-clock support, and security updates.

Overcoming Challenges and Identifying New Opportunities

The fast-evolving technologies within the industry, regulatory requirements, and market competition are creating a sea change, posing significant challenges for businesses. Tranglo addresses these challenges through flexibility and innovation and constantly strives to improve the way businesses can make global payments without sacrificing security and speed. Having extensive industry experience and a strong core tech team with an ability to think outside the box, it has pioneered seamless integration with a model of excellence for open banking.

Another critical factor that has enabled Tranglo to gain a competitive edge in the industry is its ability to identify opportunities in the new markets. For instance, it has acquired a strong position in the China market by having the foresight to expand to the market way ahead of anyone in the industry.

Striking the Right Balance between Growth and Sustainability

While most of the business leaders today are obsessed with growth hacking, Jacky believes in achieving sustainable growth with the right strategy and foresight. The visionary leader always strives to strike the right balance between growth and sustainability.

“As leaders, we are often put in situations where we must prioritize one or the other and make tough decisions. What I have learned along my journey is that we must not sacrifice sustainability for growth, no matter how tempting that is,” asserts Jacky.

He adds, “Success is in maintaining sustainable growth. In short, charting a great growth rate without giving rise to problems that could affect future generations is the greatest success we can achieve.”

Key Attributes to Entrepreneurial Success

According to Jacky, every leader must possess open-mindedness, reliability, and humility. He states, “Leaders need to be open-minded to innovative ideas and technologies, especially in a fintech firm such as Tranglo. As we formulate plans, we must listen to the voice of our stakeholders, be it, users, clients, and partners, and be ready to embrace change.”

He further explains that humility is critical for leaders to accept criticism, admit their mistakes and channel that into motivation to drive improvement, particularly regarding staff welfare and satisfaction. For Jacky, employees are the most valuable assets of the organization. Hence, he always encourages a healthy work-life balance and fosters a culture of transparency at Tranglo through a variety of programs and succession plans to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of the employees.

Improving Lives with Affordable Financial Services

While leading the company in the new decade and into new markets, Jacky looks forward to prioritizing their mission of providing equitable access to financial services. He believes that easy access to affordable financial services would greatly improve the lives of many unbanked and underserved communities in the world. “All our services must be easily accessible and come with a competitive edge. At the end of the day, when we get feedback from consumers and businesses that our services have enabled them to improve their lives or streamline their business processes, that is a big win,” states Jacky.

Moving ahead, Jackie also plans to lead the company in maintaining its resilience and sustaining a double-digit revenue growth in its cross-border payment business while expanding to new payout corridors including CIS, Africa, and GCC countries.

“Nothing is more important than leaving a legacy that puts smiles on the faces of our children and grandchildren. At Tranglo, I am constantly thinking of ways to increase headcount, drive operational excellence, and chart unprecedented growth without sacrificing sustainability,” concludes Jacky.