Is AI Going to Replace Content Writers?

ai content writer

On March 25, 2017, a novelist started its road trip across the USA with an aim to write the next American road-trip novel. There is, however, a key difference between this novelist and the rest. This writer was just a microphone, a GPS and a white-domed surveillance camera with a laptop and a whole bunch of linear algebra, in short, an AI bot. Sounds surprising, isn’t it? 

Yes, AI authors are already out there and they are capable of generating content faster than human writers. AI is creating hundreds of Washington Post articles, short articles about the Olympics and earnings reports for Forbes. In fact, many prominent media organizations including Associated Press, The New York Times, and Yahoo are using AI to produce content. So, does it mean there will be no need for human content writers anymore? Is it time for content writers to dust off their CVs? Well, the answer is no. AI can’t replace human writers (at least “not yet”). Wondering why? Read on to find out.

  • AI Doesn’t Contain the Art of Storytelling as Humans

Every piece of content created aims to build relationships with its audience and storytelling is the key factor. Effective storytelling is the way how human relates to each other and this is how a brand relates to its customers. Good writers create stories by keeping the customers in mind. Unlike AI, they produce emotional and memorable stories out of their experience to compel and engage the target audience. AI may get strong marks on speed and grammar accuracy. But it can’t compete with the human brain when it comes to storytelling. 

  • AI Lacks Creativity 

AI might be able to generate a 1, 0000 or even 1,000,000 words report. But there’s one thing that AI lacks—creativity. When Google posted the poetries created by its AI, the tech writers ware amazed by the result. But if we compare it with a thoughtful human written poetry, the difference is clearly visible. The AI-generated content can’t match human creativity. It can produce a content word-by-word but it is often coherent and sometimes it spits out texts that hardly make any sense.  

  • Lack of Imagination 

Much like creativity, imagination is also unique to the human at least for now. AI can execute more complex tasks by learning through its input. But, what AI can’t do right now is to use their imagination to find out new possibilities. It can’t come up with new and fresh ideas. The content created by AI is based on the data that it has been fed. AI content creation is algorithmic and to think like a human, AI has to have emotions. 

  • Machines Generated Contents Have No Soul

Alibaba’s new AI tool can write 20,000 lines of copy in a second. The content bot at Forbes can prepare the earning reports with no mistakes. That’s because AI is very good at generating fact-based content. But what it is missing is the ‘humane’ touch and the emotions.  Just a few bare sentences can’t impress or draw the attention of readers. It is the human touch, emotions and thought behind the content that makes it compelling. AI is growing in leaps and bounds but it’s still a far piece away from writing with a personality. 

  • Human Writing Vs Machine Writing

Check out the opening sentences of two sports pieces published in the New York Times article. One is created by a human and the other by AI.  

“Things looked bleak for the Angels when they trailed by two runs in the ninth inning, but Los Angeles recovered thanks to a key single from Vladimir Guerrero to pull out a 7-6 victory over the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sunday.” 

“The University of Michigan baseball team used a four-run fifth inning to salvage the final game in its three-game weekend series with Iowa, winning 7-5 on Saturday afternoon (April 24) at the Wilpon Baseball Complex, home of historic Ray Fisher Stadium.” 

What do you think? Which one is written by a human?

Most of the readers couldn’t discern the automated content from the content written by a human. But if we read carefully, the second one looks significantly less boring and more pleasant to read and yes, it was written by a human.

The machine written content seems informative and it’s important. But that’s not solely what makes content “great.” An AI-driven machine can’t read the content with a critical eye, and it can’t comprehend the critical complexities and nuances of language. But will it be able to do so one day? Well, maybe it will understand the intricacy of language and learn empathy someday in the future. But until that day comes, the content-driven world will still need human writers to connect with people through words.

  • What Impacts Will AI Have on Content Creation?

Now, it’s clear that we won’t see AI taking over the content writing job soon. But then what is it going to do in the content production field? Well, the answer is just about everything else. One thing AI can do for the writers is to help them in compiling information. It takes a huge amount of time for a writer to research, summarize, and analyze all the information. But an algorithm can quickly go through millions of articles and pull together a summary of its research. So, AI can be a useful research tool for content writers. It will enable them to create content faster and with more accuracy. Apart from research, AI can also assist in content optimization and error detection.  

Wrapping Up 

The content world still needs the human touch for generating emotions and telling a story. The creativity, empathy, original ideas and emotions are something that technology still has a tough time acquiring. Thus, robot authors will be there in the content writing field in the future but not to replace the creative humans but to help and assist them. What if we say that this article is written by AI? Relax, it’s not.