Ira May Crisologo: Uplifting Business by Reinforcing the Power of Talents

Ira May Crisologo

Ira May Crisologo, Co-Founder & General Manager, Doxa Talent

In the world of cut-throat competition, it is challenging to sustain the extreme volatile market conditions. By reinforcing the power of talents, businesses can build a strong foundation for long-term success. Having the right people in key positions can drive innovation, create a competitive advantage, and enable organizations to thrive even in the extremely volatile market conditions. In contrast, a business tends to falter, vacillate, and eventually collapses in the absence of the right breed of talent. Our entrepreneur of the day, Ira May Crisologo, co-founder & General Manager of DOXA Talent, has set her life’s goal in nurturing talents and bolstering your business by reinforcing the power of top talents. 

Being an academic scholar, nothing seemed impossible to this lady, who always carries an aura of positivity, determination, and perseverance while walking off the beaten tracks throughout her career.  With a background in communication, it was her inquisitiveness to learning new things, that Ira Crisologo could toggle between different career options and diverse professional experiences across industries such as investment banking, consulting, and captive shared services. During the long span of her professional career, Ira came across many real-life situations, which had to be handled with much dexterity, and practical knowledge. Her experiences helped her to grow, unleash her potential, push boundaries, and shaped her personality as the entrepreneur she is today.

The more she got engaged in her job, the greater she discovered Filipino talents and identified their fortes that could make a difference in the world of business. However, their potential remained unexplored, while the need for offshore talents became imperative during pandemic. With the booming of the BPO sector, her purpose became more pronounced and Ira kickstarted her first business venture, in collaboration with the CEO-Founder David Nilssen, and co-founders Lauren Hoover, Michael Ross, and Edward Lim. DOXA Talent was launched, amidst the ambiguity of the Pandemic in 2020. 

DOXA Talent aims to transform your vision into reality by providing a highly-skilled, engaging workforce solution who makes a positive impact on business. They are obsessed with lifting up global communities by creating meaningful work. They are often self-motivated and proactive, taking ownership of their work and going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. As envisioned by the Ira Crisologo, DOXA is committed to uplifting global communities by helping companies to expand their horizons across Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The company focuses on relieving its customers of the complexities of offshore staffing and talent acquisition, connecting them with the right pool of talents to align with their objectives, mission, and vision, thus lifting your business to a greater height. The company caters to a wide range of listed companies across the US, varying from very small to mega-sized business entities. 

Crossing the line

Opportunity doesn’t knock your door twice, but sometimes they cross our paths in the disguise of impossible situations. Ira Crisologo’s journey demonstrates her ability to see below the surface, overcome challenges and embrace change. In the experience of the entrepreneur, we must know when and what to learn and unlearn, and, in the end, it is always our perception that makes the real difference. Even in the face of adversity, she moves forward with a reflective mindset, identifying problems, and finding innovative solutions with equal verve and vigor. 

So, instead of being held back by the fear of uncertainties posed by Pandemic, Ira was greatly enthralled by the possibilities of resolving issues and charting out new paths to deal with the changing scenario of remote work. Even at this phase, she relied upon her skills and inner strength, which gave her the confidence to stay ahead of the curve. She resorted to innovations and clear processes as means to introduce remote working, effectively, in the BPO market. Finally, her patience and hard work yielded results and with the utmost cooperation of her fellow members and employees, Ira could overcome challenges and emerge victorious amid the ever-evolving business scenario. 

Pioneering the change at DOXA

As we know, unlike other jobs, a proper talent management process is pivotal in streamlining the entire employee life cycle of an organization. They are the part and parcel of the management and are responsible for ensuring consistency and enhancing your brand value. So, they always work on higher stakes and have even a wider platform to serve. Ira Crisologo, much before setting her foot in the world of business, was driven by an unrelenting passion to help her community grow and prosper at the global frontier. Born with this commitment of unswerving loyalty to people DOXA Talent stands true to its motto of pioneering changes in the talent management industry. With a strong focus on flexibility and adaptability, Ira builds strong relationships with her clients, mentors and trains her team, and instills values that align with DOXA Talent’s culture. 

The culture that boosts confidence

Culture is the value and belief system of a company that determines its relationship with the clients in both internal and external affairs. For Ira Crisologo, her organization is not merely a brick-and-mortar existence; rather it is a living entity where she constantly works towards instilling values that could enliven the workspace, and gratify the company’s culture of serving people and adding value to business. 

Ira exhibits an authentic leadership style emphasizing the importance of living with a strong sense of purpose and direction. In her words, “a vision without a purpose is a wish”- and a wish doesn’t lead us to achieve something as great as this. At DOXA, Ira encourages her people to work hard, find meaning, and do something that could bring about a positive change, knowing that results will naturally follow. 

As a compassionate businesswoman, Ira is dedicated to giving back to society and supporting Filipinos. She finds inspiration in recognition and accolades, continuously fueling her energy and drive as she navigates the entrepreneurial journey. 

Way Ahead

Ira Crisologo’s life and career as an entrepreneur has been a perpetual source of inspiration, and enthusiasm to her followers. As a woman with a strong sense of purpose, Ira never feels the dearth of energy for discovering new things or charting out new paths. The zeal and the passion of the leader galvanized every imagination into a veritable action at DOXA Talent. Looking forward, Ira is on a mission to help clients to scale up faster, explore territories, and improve margins. It is her commitment to continuous discovery, which has been instrumental in leveraging the unique talents of her employees and creating a global culture across the board.