Influencer marketing in times of Crisis

Influencer marketing in times of Crisis

In the past few months of quarantine, the business world has been forced to rethink its entire way of operation. Overnight, companies saw themselves as vulnerable to the issue of changing consumer behavior and were forced to rethink their entire approach. Amid so many changes, Influence Marketing can be essential for your company during the economic crisis we are experiencing.

What is influence marketing?

Influencer marketing or influence marketing consists of performing actions using digital influencers. They are the people who have a lot of influence and followers within a particular niche and can influence users’ consumption decisions. 

Many times we see that, when we decide to buy a product, we do not carry out this process alone. We are constantly influenced by external agents, such as advertisements, friends and family, and also influencers (TV artists, experts on the subject of digital influencers, such as Youtubers). 

Besides, Digital influencers act as social proof because the public sees them as experts within the niche they work in – and if they claim that a particular brand or product is reliable, good, and safe, users tend to accept that opinion and want to use the same product From these actions, it is clear that to bring the expected result, it is essential to choose digital influencers very well. It is necessary to appoint someone relevant within the sector of operation, suitability, and ability to leverage your business.

Why is influencer marketing essential during crisis?

According to a study carried out by Portugal market institute, in general, people choose to follow who will contribute something in their lives or add value to their lives. At this specific moment, the relationship becomes even stronger. So, where does your brand fit into all of this? 

Regardless of your service, whether it is difficult to be consumed at this time or not, it is necessary to join all your efforts to understand all the difficulties that people are facing daily. Not being able to leave home encompasses hundreds of difficulties that your brand may be able to solve. This is where influence marketing comes into the picture in times of crisis.

Strategies to do influencing marketing

For a marketing campaign to be successful during the pandemic period, it is necessary to know what are the main strategies used. Check out some of them:

Informative content

Take advantage of this moment to create content focusing on the well-being of people, encouraging some sort of solution to the consumer. These are materials that can range from tutorials to instructional guidance videos.

 It is essential that these strategies bring interactivity and that they are visually pleasing to the public after all people are trying to forget the negativity that the crisis has been causing in their lives.

Going live

A format that was very successful during the pandemic, without a doubt, was going live. Artists and influencers have engaged millions of people from this content format to entertain their audience in confinement. 

Besides, this is also an interesting opportunity for several brands to benefit from the disclosure, through sponsorship or partnership with influencers.

Brand influence 

Another important action for a brand to gain visibility is the demonstration of its goal through targeted campaigns, to serve as a positive example for people in this very complicated situation. 

Several companies are showing empathy for the cause, either raising money to fight the Coronavirus or to publicize what should and should not be done. It is essential that major brands must take a stand at this critical moment.

Concluding remarks

It is undeniable that there has been a considerable increase in consumer engagement on social networks due to the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, when planning an influential marketing campaign, it is necessary to be aware of the best format to reach the desired audience.

 The brand and the influencer must be aligned so that the message is passed clearly to the consumer. In this way, he will understand that this is not just a matter of opportunism, but an important and honest speech about this difficult moment that everyone is going through.