Hybrid Working: 4 Advantages and Challenges

Hybrid Working

When the world went into lockdown in 2020, many of us had to test new work arrangements. The majority of businesses used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to review their workplace cultures. Employees are returning to the office in droves now that the pandemic has passed, and for many remote-capable workers, hybrid work arrangements are quickly becoming the new norm.

Now it seems likely that the hybrid model will replace the conventional full-time office model, drastically changing how businesses manage operations, employees, and clients.

According to a recent survey, 64% of working people are in favor of hybrid work, and almost 37% of them want to continue working from home full-time. Without knowing the risks and difficulties of a hybrid model, a company may struggle to succeed in the new hybrid environment.

Keep reading this article to find out the advantages of hybrid working and other related disadvantages.

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Working? 

1. Flexible Working Hours 

Employees working in the office environment are used to 9 to 5 schedules, but however hybrid workplace allows way more flexibility. The most important reason why employees loved working from home is that they had enough time for themselves. But one drawback of permanent work from home is the inability to visit the office and have a conversation with other employees. As said hybrid workplace allows way more flexibility and everybody can choose to work when they feel the most productive. The hybrid model can be modified so that individuals can work on projects on-site with the team while also finishing specialized work remotely. 

2. Increases Productivity and Efficiency

In a hybrid working setup, flexible hours and a refreshing change of environments can increase an employee’s focus, especially on their own tasks. Employees are more likely to balance their workloads, take ownership, and focus more intently on their work when they have more flexibility in where they work.

Because everyone feels at ease at home, hybrid work environments can increase productivity. No one has to be dressed formally or have to sit staring at the monitor or have to indulge in any of the office politics that for sure affect mental peace.

3. Employers Can hire Talents from Overseas

If in-office work requires employees to be local, limiting talent-hiring options, hybrid work allows employees to be located anywhere in the world. Thanks to hybrid work, employers can find employees with the desired competencies or the capacity to assist them in growing their businesses into new markets. Additionally, hybrid work gives employers the choice to cover business needs by having employees in various time zones.

4. Reduces operating costs 

There is no need for an office when only a small number of employees work from home. As a result, a hybrid workplace reduces real estate costs by eliminating the need for an office to accommodate a full staff. As there is no need for large spaces to be built and maintained, a hybrid workplace reduces real estate costs. It is worth thinking about office rent and considering alternative options such as co-working space and satellite offices

Disadvantages of Hybrid Working

1. Say Goodbye to Interpersonal Relationships  

Humans are social creatures who get their energy from interacting with others. We make mistakes, but we learn and grow seeing each other. People’s connections are stronger and easier when they work together in one place and meet physically. Informal communication can have a positive effect on an organization’s operations and culture. Unfortunately, emails and messages cannot compensate for the performance boost that a genuine connection between coworkers can bring about. 

2. Overworking and Burnout 

The first company I joined after completing my graduation was a good one. Although the pay was adequate for an intern, management was the main motivator for me to join the company. The pandemic broke out as soon as I started working for the company, and like everyone else, I began working from home.

Let me tell you, when I first started working from home, I was happy. However, as time went on, I started to feel more and more like a freelancer whose only duty was to produce results. The management started deteriorating, and they started treating all the employees as freelancers. It was terrible, so I left my job.

A hybrid workplace model may develop a culture of overworking, and remote employees may be required to put in long hours and take fewer breaks. Because they are out of sight, managers assume that employees are slacking off, despite the fact that they put in long hours to show otherwise. Companies must educate their employees about overworking and other negative practises.

3. Company Culture is Diluted 

Company culture can be perceived differently among a dispersed workforce. Both in-office and remorse employees have very different perspectives on the company culture and spirit. Various events, celebrations, meetings, and general company communication differ a lot depending on whether it is conducted online or in real life

Thus, the challenge is to uphold and strengthen your culture and core values across both on-site and remote employees. A company might need to revisit its philosophies and policies surrounding culture before adopting the hybrid workplace model.

4. Increased Cybersecurity Risks

Employees who are working outside the office premises could create cybersecurity vulnerabilities. They might connect their systems to unprotected networks or use unprotected personal computers for work. This could lead to hackers accessing the company’s personal information. A company must ensure that all remote workers adhere to their security standards.

Closing Thoughts

Companies must offer the appropriate collaborative tools for both remote and on-site employees to enable them to work effectively in any environment, as the hybrid model is preferred by many employees. Now that you have read about the advantages of hybrid working and disadvantages of hybrid working, it depends on you to choose the one that you prefer.