How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing With AI ?

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing With AI

Having an estimated 2.77 billion users around the world, social media makes a potential platform for businesses or brands. However, with the social media channels multiplying at a faster rate, keeping pace with the marketing scenario is a tough row to hoe. Also, there are multiple challenges such as deciding the content, choosing the right strategy, and keeping track of audience behavior. All these challenges along with the vast amounts of unstructured social data are quite overwhelming to handle for marketers. And this is where Artificial Intelligence(AI) comes to the rescue. The revolutionary technology takes a load off of modern marketers’ shoulders by streamlining all their marketing operations. Wondering how? Keep on reading to find out.  

Remove the Guess Work with Slack bots

Setting up and running a social media marketing campaign take lots of time and effort. You need to come up with new, appealing content to generate an increased level of engagements. However, with hundreds of messages to handle, posting new content every time is not that easy.  Making guesses to create content that works is not going to help the social media marketers in this competitive era. Thus, they need a more efficient tool to have a clear view of the current trends. Slack bots cut out all forms of guesswork and help marketers to create content by analyzing various social media posts related to their niche.

AI-Empowered Software for Image Recognition 

It is being said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And this seems very true when it comes to social media. In the social media world, images are more effective than text. Millions of images are being posted online in social media every minute. And by analyzing those images, businesses can get an insight into consumer behavior. Many AI-powered software tools are there for image recognition that can scour social media sites for photos and provide insights accurately. This helps marketers to deliver a better, more seamless and delightful consumer experience. 

Know the Customer Preference through Text Mining 

When you know the taste and preference of customers, it becomes a lot easier to target the market. Artificial intelligence can help you gain insights into the customers’ preferences through text mining. It analyzes the data across social media platforms and extracts information regarding consumer purchase patterns and their opinions on particular products. Using this data, marketers can target specific individuals with personalized offers and discounts.

Highly Personalized User Experience With Chatbots 

User experience plays a key role when it comes to social media marketing. Through AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, marketers can offer a highly personalized and intuitive experience to their users. Also, customers, today expect an immediate response within a few minutes while making product inquiries. But it is practically impossible for customer care agents to be available round the clock for its customers. However, AI-powered chatbots can be there for customers 24/7 and answer all their basic questions whenever they want.  

Better Competitor Analysis 

In this competitive world, getting the edge over the competitors is absolutely essential for a social media marketer to succeed. But just knowing who they are isn’t enough. They need to analyze competitors’ social pages. However, with large data sets on the social pages, finding and analyzing the pages will be manually exhausting. Thanks to AI, now it’s easier to keep tabs on the strategies that are working for the competitors. With machine learning algorithms, AI can analyze the competitor’s social reach, conversion rate, engagement rate as well as the customer’s opinions about the competitor.  

The Bottom Line 

Artificial Intelligence can save a lot of time and efforts of social media marketers. When used strategically, it can boost the sale and help marketers to reach a wide range of audience quickly and gain a tremendous competitive advantage. Also, as AI can handle all daunting tasks such as data collection and optimization more effectively, marketers can focus on accomplishing more productive objectives.