How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile Technology?

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile Technology

We all know that Artificial Intelligence is transforming every walk of life. From monitoring frauds to powering virtual assistants, self-driving cars, and airline autopilot, AI is impacting our everyday life faster than you think. Every industry has now realized that AI is the next big technology that will revolutionize human to machine interactions. Now, the technology is rapidly transforming the features of smartphones, making our smartphones smarter than ever. 

We have listed a few changes that AI will bring to the mobile industry below.

  • Smartphone Camera

With respect to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, android app developers are working on the most important aspect of an android phone ‘Camera’. With AI, the interface of a smartphone camera can detect any subject in the camera frame such as food, landscape, people, sky etc. The camera works at it best when you adjust the settings according to the subject for getting the best possible result.

Furthermore, AI and ML have the potential to effortlessly identify facial features and enhance it to get a terrific portrait image automatically.

  • Phone Battery

Chargers cannot be carried everywhere you go. And having a battery that doesn’t dry out soon is very important for a smartphone. Android and DeepMind have put together their minds and joined forces in an effort to improve the phone’s battery life. The team has developed an AI-packed feature known as ‘Adaptive Battery’. It monitors the device’s battery consumption and it automatically closes the apps that are running in the background that you rarely use.

  • Empowering Search Engines

Earlier, users searched for things in text mode. Thanks to AI and ML, the search method has been improvised and users can now search using images and voices as well. Because of these technologies, it is mandatory for Android developers to develop voice and image recognition systems. Artificial Intelligence also helps to develop a localized app that helps to prove the conversion rate.

  • High App Authentication

Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in terms of cybersecurity. With the constantly changing technology and increased usage of smartphones, there is a need for a higher level of security. While developing new apps, android developers face a tough challenge with advanced security. AL and ML models help in decreasing the security problems by providing alerts to smartphone users about the forthcoming threat.

  • Facial Recognition

The most recent feature of a smartphone is face unlock feature. It is a security feature that enables users to unlock their phones using their faces. With AI and ML technologies can be used for face recognition in smartphones. But in certain instances, if a person is changing his facial expressions or wearing spectacles while unlocking, the smartphone cannot recognize it. In the near future, with the advancement of AI technology, this problem will be solved in no time and soon smartphones can easily identify the person even with changes.

  • Converting Languages in Real-Time

You can convert a text from one language to another using the AI platform. There so many translation apps available that allows users to capture an image of text in a particular language to convert it into another language. But it is mandated to use the internet for most of these apps to upload images for analyzing and translating the text. But with AI and ML technologies, your smartphone will be able to translate different languages in real-time without the use of the internet.

Wrapping Up

Presently, Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of providing endless opportunities to the world and more values to its users. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the mobile industry, marketers can drive more revenues and make profits by making their services more customer-centric. It helps them to meet the user’s needs and increases their satisfaction. With AI technology you can make your business more valuable and profitable.