Five Most Innovative Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence

Five Most Innovative Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence

Siri, Alexa or Netflix might be the first thing to cross your mind when you see the term Artificial Intelligence. But this is not all AI has to offer. This revolutionary technology has immense potential that many tech investors are leveraging to make the impossible possible. You must have already heard of robots playing chess, self-driving cars or drones handling shipping. With such new applications of AI, tech giants are leading our way to a new world of possibilities. And today, we are going to discuss such five innovative applications of AI that bring us closer to a future that we could’ve never imagined. 

  • AI-enabled Chef 

What if you have a virtual sous-chef in the kitchen to guide you through each step while cooking? Sounds futuristic? Well, then you must check out IBM’s Chef Watson. It helps cooks around the world to make creative dishes by making innovative use of available ingredients. Wondering how a machine with no taste buds could possibly help to create recipes? This is because it has fed nearly 10,000 recipes from Bon Appetit’s archives.  And it uses natural language processing to analyze the recipes, learn the underlying logic and understand the most commonly used ingredients. Chef Watson is part of IBM’s mission to help people discover new ideas through artificial intelligence.  

  • City Brain 

Traffic is one of the biggest headaches for almost every city these days. But what if AI can solve this issue? Yes, the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba is using the power of artificial intelligence to deal with traffic issues. In fact, according to CNN Business, its AI-driven City Brain project has managed to decrease traffic jams by 15% in Hangzhou, an eastern Chinese city. City Brain uses AI algorithms to process the data from a cloud-based system where data about a city and everyone in it is stored. 

  • Digital Menus 

Digital menus are quite common these days. So, you may ask what’s so unique about it.  Well, McDonald’s AI-powered digital menus are definitely fascinating as it changes based on parameters like weather and time of day. For instance, the menu might suggest hot drinks and comforting food on a cold, blustery day while chilled refreshing beverages or ice creams might be highlighted on a record heat day. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This Ai application not only helped the company to improve customer experience but also resulted in a 3% increase in sales in Canada. 

  • Visual Search 

What would you do if you like any item and you want to buy something similar? You click the picture of it and then look for something similar in stores, right? But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Amazon, the giant e-commerce platform has come up with a visual search option on its mobile application to enable you to buy the product right away.  All you have to do is just take a photo of the item and it will instantly show you something very similar or identical. 

  • Bots for Suicide Prevention

Though we’ve seen robots saving the lives of people in fictional movies, it’s hard to imagine the scenario happening in reality.  However, Facebook has rolled out new “proactive detection” artificial intelligence technology to save lives by proactively identifying the Facebook posts that could indicate suicidal tendencies. It scans all posts and looks for patterns of suicidal thoughts and flags worrisome posts to human moderators using AI. The tool also sends mental health resources to the user at risk or contact local first-responders when necessary.  According to TechCrunch, Facebook has identified over 100 cases that required intervention. 

Closing Thoughts

There are many such exciting breakthroughs in AI that are turning our wildest tech imaginations into reality.  Many innovative companies are investing highly in this technology to stay prepared for the AI-enabled future. Given the rapid advancement and sweeping real-world applications of AI, we anticipate the future of AI will be nothing less than the fascinating sci-fi movies.