Fadi Amoudi: A Serial Tech Entrepreneur on a Quest to Harness the Power of Technology

As E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide, the MENA region is fast to catch up with the global trends and implement them. Fadi Amoudi is a serial tech entrepreneur who is passionate about technology and robotics. With a background in the Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, he wanted to establish an e-grocery platform. Soon, he realized the challenges and problems in the fulfillment and logistics industry. As opposed to acquiring those problems himself, he decided to offer the solutions to these problems to other businesses and made a business out of them.

Fadi’s desire to move to Dubai in 2018, initiated his journey to explore the e-commerce industry in the region. “I realized that Dubai is the perfect place to establish a cutting edge, technologically advanced robotic fulfillment center, that could easily cope with the growing demands of e-commerce businesses, and that could place Dubai on the world stage of AI and robotics solutions, to become the hub of a worldwide network of fulfillment for the region,” affirms Fadi.

Fadi Amoudi
Fadi Amoudi, CEO, Iq Fulfillment

Bridging the Gap within the Fulfillment and Logistics Industry

In response to the growing demand in the fulfillment industry, Fadi launched the MENA region’s first robotic fulfillment center, IQ Fulfillment in Dubai. Incepted in 2019, the company aimed to support the needs of SMEs, incubators, accelerators, and e-commerce players, enabling them to accelerate their business growth. Ever since, IQ Fulfillment is filling a distinct gap in the logistics industry by offering the edge to the e-commerce businesses to help them compete in the fast-evolving industry. 

In the MENA region, many businesses are looking to accelerate the growth of their online sales either by redesigning their supply chain and fulfillment model internally or by outsourcing the entire process. Both domestic and international companies go through the process and have different needs. The international companies want a trusted partner to help them penetrate the attractive GCC/MENA market, who they can trust with professional and comprehensive technology solutions giving them full end-to-end visibility of their orders and inventory. This allows them to enter the market with an efficient, cost-effective, and trusted partner without having them undergo any upfront CAPEX Investment. Local companies are also looking for a partner to help them with the operational challenges that come with running an e-commerce business such as finding and renting a warehouse, hiring employees, and processing orders.

By bringing together cutting-edge technology and industry experts from all over the world, IQ Fulfilment’s advanced intelligent robotic solutions and cutting-edge software platform ensure the most efficient and innovative revolutionary solutions for a business.

Leading during a Crisis

During the outbreak of the global pandemic, many businesses globally, from start-ups to multinationals were scrambling to rethink and redesign their distribution models to find a solution for the booming e-commerce demand. The demand has accelerated with the onset of Covid-19, increasing the adoption of online sales and creating an extreme need for outsourced fulfillment, especially in the MENA region.

Fadi says, “IQ’s potential demand was truly tested during 2020, while the entire world’s economy was going through a tough time, IQ fulfillment is proud to say doubled their in-house hires and also quadrupled their clients since 2019.” IQ’s mission is to reinvent an experience that defies efficiency. The company also aims to provide effective logistical solutions globally.

Unwavering Zeal to help Businesses

Being constantly on a quest to harness the power of technology to facilitate and enhance the human experience, Fadi has faced a lot of challenges in his entrepreneurial journey. He says, “Staying motivated during strenuous times can be tricky; I am motivated by keeping my eye on the bigger picture and getting inspired by various collaborative efforts from IQ’s Team Leaders.”

He goes on to say, transformation is the future and the widespread demand for Supply chain transformation and Micro-Fulfillment also keeps him motivated. Fadi strives to provide people with solutions to help them channel their own resources towards what they do the best. Furthermore, supporting all e-commerce and SMEs and witnessing them grow and scale in the region keeps him going.

Words of Wisdom

“We have to start building from the group to ensure we have a solid foundation, and I am not talking about Technology here. Technology is crucial but building a team with a sense of ownership and passion to grow in the business is vital for any organization’s success,” advises Fadi.