Estelle Neve: Reforming the Benchmarks of Fitness and Moving Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

The value of health is vital for every human on Earth. Estelle Neve, a former French National Gymnast, created Hong Kong’s leading boutique fitness studio, Anhao Wellness in 2012. Anhao is a sports and wellness coaching company that provides only the best personal training for individual and corporate clients of all ages and fitness levels. Passionate about health and fitness, Estelle leads a team of trained professionals who specialize in working with athletes, pre and post-natal women, people recovering from injury, Pilates fanatics, and Yoga lovers. 

Estelle studied in a High Business School in France and China and ended up in Hong Kong in 2007. Prior to founding Anhao, Estelle worked in an investment bank where she realized she wanted to accomplish more. In 2011, she founded Anhao Wellness which became an entire Pilates and Fitness Studio with a team of 10 teachers. The company specializes in Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Yoga, and Personal Training. It optimizes the client’s workouts and helps them achieve health and fitness goals.

Estelle Neve
Estelle Neve, Founder, Anhao Wellness

Driving Change in the wellness World

Initially, Estelle started alone as a personal trainer with no studio. She worked by going to the clubhouses and parks at 6 am for around a year. “The demand was faster than what I can offer. I was limited in terms of the number of hours during the day. I decided to rent out a private studio just to bring my private clients,” asserts Estelle. However, she had to find a way to offset the empty hours at the studio, so she started to hire, as she could still monitor everything. Now, 10 teachers are working in the company who share the weekly schedule. Today, Estelle teaches less and takes care of business development.

She says, “The more you offer classes, the more you attract students. Today, we have got a database of about 2800 clients with about 270 clients per week at the studio with a limited space of 5 clients per class. Our new target is our teachers’ training that we have started this year. We have carried out 3 Pilates training, where two of them were fully booked despite the Covid- Crisis.”

Anhao offers three kinds of training, Group Pilates and Yoga classes, Personal Training, and Teacher Training. The company’s main target is to focus on people who desire a tailor-made program and on people who want to be taken care of. The client always feels a real privilege and high standard services. The company welcomes a lot of women who want to be spoiled and men who want to know more about their deeper body and not only the superficial one that can usually train in a normal gym. All of the Anhao instructors are fully certified in their chosen fields and are dedicated health and wellness professionals.

The Road Ahead

Estelle believes in the saying by one of the three ancient Greek tragedians, ‘Success is dependent on effort.’ She considers herself lucky to be surrounded by her amazing parents who have helped her reach further and pushed to keep her in the course. The most important values she learned from them which helped her are integrity, perseverance, and respect. Travelling is one of the key attributes that shaped her to reach where she is today. As her mother was an Air flight Company director, Estelle traveled a lot and faced difficulties at school to face students and teachers. Meeting a lot of different people and facing different situations, Estelle has successfully adapted herself easily.

She advises budding entrepreneurs to work with consistency and accuracy to achieve success in their business. As a business leader, Estelle wishes to reach higher and bigger. With a strong mindset, Estelle believes in increasing the business and always tries to keep an eye on any opportunity.

“As an individual, I am more resting on my laurels as I think I am properly set-up as a woman, wife, and mummy of 2 kids. I found my dharma and I follow a routine at home of doing morning yoga or running, taking care of my kids, going to work, and hang out with some friends and husband. This routine makes me feel grounded,” concludes Estelle.