Engage & Grow: A Corporate and Leadership Training Firm Empowering People

Engage & Grow was founded in 2012 by an entrepreneur, who is also the world’s leading engagement expert Richard Maloney. The company has the vision to create a globally engaged workforce, one employee at a time.

Evolving as a Leader

The journey to becoming an effective leader is not an easy one. Addressing the obstacles that came along the way, shaped Richard into the leader he is today. As a young adult, Richard was a successful athlete chosen to play at an elite level. He found himself contributing to an improvement in culture for his ‘new sports club’. Soon, Richard was injured and had to bid farewell to his beloved sport. He started questioning his experiences and it took him down the path to understand the human mind. Over the years, Richard has been specializing in psychology, life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), HeartMath, and hypnotherapy, leading him to become a successful life, culture, and leadership coach.

Engage & Grow
ISIK SERIFSOY, CEO of Engage & Grow

Richard’s charisma is exemplary. His vast research and experience led to the development of a system for developing high-performing team. Richard’s system was soon proved to be extremely effective, alluring the corporate world to apply the system in the workplace as the need for successful teams in business is similar to sports. The unique Group Activation System began to shape with unparalleled results.

Over time, with his strong experience in leadership, culture, and high-performance teams, Richard developed a step-by-step process that enabled people to create success throughout the business world.

Officially incorporated in 2010, today, Engage & Grow has over 300 coaches supporting businesses to create engaged workforces all around the world. The team serves 1000+ companies and employees around 50+ countries, multiple languages, different industries, and workplace sizes to create efficient and happy environments.

Contribution to the Industry

Today, Engage & Grow is represented in over 50+ countries with over 300 certified coaches worldwide and is truly on its way to delivering on the mission to create a ‘Globally Engaged Workforce’. The company offers a unique ‘Group Activation System’ that enables employees to wake up and realize their true potential. “This system is not ‘taught’ – it is an all-action methodology. Each team member makes both individual and group commitments and everyone is regularly held accountable in an open and public environment,” asserts Işık Şerifsoy, the current CEO of Engage & Grow. The company also customizes the programs according to each business and their specific needs. It works on projects for leadership, company culture, and employee engagement.

Besides group programs, Engage & Grow provides solutions for managers and team leaders to help them engage their teams, improve their leadership skills and increase productivity. It also offers solutions for new employees to engage them in a short time and increase their productivity. The company offers programs that are both ready to use face-to-face or online. The team was successfully facilitating online for companies that faced geographical, time zone, logistical and multi-national challenges which required flexible delivery even before the pandemic.

The prominent company has thousands of clients from hundreds of industries, where they have collected a huge amount of data and testimonials. “Our data is very clear. Engage & Grow programs increase engagement as we help companies to create the right environment for employees to make this choice,” Işık says.

Ambiance at Work

The teams at Engage & Grow are working in different parts of the world with headquarter offices located in Melbourne, Australia, Istanbul, and Turkey. The coaches are located in several cities and regional areas all around the world and the company continues to attract more coaches who are keen to make a difference.

The company’s global clock sees a flexible, committed, and proactive approach for meetings to include early mornings in Australia, Turkey and evenings in South America, Indonesia as well as flexible times for the UK. The unique global community includes zoom meetings, ‘expand your knowledge’ training sessions, accountability clubs, coach summits, and online conferences. Its core values include authenticity, connection, honesty, inclusivity, common sense, and fun.

Addressing Industrial Challenges with its Unique Qualities

During the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, many companies have faced their own set of challenges. Işık says, “We are living through a very unique period. Change has always been there, but nowadays it is much faster and we don’t seem to have time to plan for adapting to this change. One morning we woke up with the realization that we had to run our business from our homes. We did not have time to think whether this is suitable for us, we did what was necessary and started to apply it.”

She goes on to say, productivity is impacted due to the change in accountability, structure, work colleagues, and a clear reduction in observation of each other, direct reports, and clients. This great change has revealed that companies need new measures for efficiency and take of their most important asset ‘employee’. The main challenge is being productive, effective, and maintaining personal wellbeing. Engage & Grow aims to solve this exact problem with a system that reaches from individual activation to group activation.

Future Endeavour

Engage & Global’s vision is to create a globally engaged workforce and it is committed to staying updated with the developments, challenges, changes, and ongoing needs of the business world to adapt its solutions. The team aspires to closely monitor all impacts to employee engagement and leadership to create new, effective tools, systems, and resources that offer solutions to the market. “We will do our best to reach more countries and more companies to make a difference. Ultimately we are focused on our dream to have Engage& Grow coaches in each company,” concludes, Işık.