Elad Barkan and Yoav Bar Joseph: Food Industry Veterans Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis has been creating a buzzword everywhere from skin creams to pain relievers, and now in the food and beverages industry. Many private equity firms, start-ups, and leading food and beverages companies have begun exploring opportunities to launch new cannabinoid-infused products. The Food and Beverage industry is on the verge of crossing a new threshold due to changing consumer perceptions and the growing acceptance of CBD combined with substantial investments.

Two serial entrepreneurs Elad Barkan and Yoav Bar Joseph saw an opportunity in the Food and Beverage Industry and founded Cannibble FoodTech Ltd in 2018. Headquartered in Israel, Cannibble FoodTech is a cannabis-infused food & beverages company developing premixed foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, and spices enhanced with Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with a controlled and measured dosage for the recreational market.

Elad Barkan and Yoav Bar Joseph
Elad Barkan and Yoav Bar Joseph, Founders, Cannibble FoodTech Ltd

Mr. Barkan always wanted to become a chef and learned cooking and baking at the age of 5. With a background in culinary arts school, Barkan also had courses in food chemistry, entrepreneurship, and food technology. After graduating, he was drafted into the IDF and served for 3 years. Presently, Mr. Barkan is a leading international brand developer who is also an expert in product development with more than 15 years in leading food industries including establishing & managing manufacturing facilities Food science and ingredient functionality knowledge. He also has experience in testing and commercializing food products in a manufacturing facility. Mr. Barkan is a founder and shareholder of the Skinny Pasta group, an international gluten-free noodles brand sold worldwide.

On the other hand, Mr. Bar Joseph is a born entrepreneur who inherited his entrepreneurial skills from his father, a Geologist, and entrepreneur in the natural resources field. At the age of 14, Mr. Bar Joseph started his entrepreneurial venture when he used to sell surfing clothes to kids all over the school. After his military service, Mr. Bar Joseph started developing and importing all kinds of innovative solutions to Israel, including founding IMEX BJ, through which he established a chain of waterless car wash stations with a unique technology.

He is also the founder of Blueberries, a leading food & beverages company. In 2016, as the Blueberries’ CEO, Mr. Bar Joseph led a successful merger with the largest Israeli spices company- Mimon Spices. He soon started exploring the infusion of food products with active and non-active ingredients from the cannabis plant and initiated and co-founded Cannibble FoodTech Ltd along with Mr. Barkan.Today, Mr. Bar Joseph is a successful entrepreneur who has more than 25 years of experience in the Israeli food industry.

“We are now in the process of leading Cannibble to an IPO in the Canadian stock exchange and we are excited about it. This year I will turn 50 and this is going to be a great present. For me, it will, for sure be one of the meaningful events of my business career,” Mr. Bar Joesph says.

The Pelicann: Leading Brand of Cannibble FoodTech 

The Cannibble FoodTech is a food developing company with more than 35 years of accumulated experience in food developing, manufacturing, and global distribution and 7 years experience with the pharma-grade and recreational CBD, hemp seeds & protein markets by its founders. The company’s leading brand is The Pelicann.

Following the manufacturing, distribution, and branding of its CBD & Hemp-based powder mixed products, Cannibble launched the first products in 2020 in the USA. The company is in the process of registration for its patent-pending process to evenly distribute active ingredients in different size particle powders, developing it to solve one of the most important issues for the cannabis industry. “Our other technology is about flavor masking to bring the best flavor products to the edible industry,” says, Mr. Barkan.

The Pelicann products are offered in two families, easy to spot by unique colors and carrying all types of CBD, hemp seeds & protein ingredients from Hemp seeds, Hemp seeds oils, and Hemp protein (Green); Isolated CBD (Pink). The products are manufactured under a strict QA protocol and with a known, tested, and fixed cannabinoids dosage.

The founders’ vision is to make the brand – The Pelicann a leading brand in the cannabis edibles industry and introduce new and innovative food products every year and to be on top of the industry and continue and promote CBD as the superfood it is.

“Our products are all about fun and healthy, better for you products that help you consume CBD or other cannabinoids, and our promise to consumers, as food industry veterans, is that our products are high quality, flavorful and safe to enjoy!”, concludes Mr. Bar Joseph.