Don’t Let the Pandemic Affect Your Mental Health


The lives of humans are at threat. We are facing the global pandemic – Covid-19 second wave across the world and are still losing countless lives every day. As this virus rapidly sweeps across the world, it has also been constantly affecting people’s mental health. Often, people don’t consider mental health as important as physical health. According to research by WHO, close to 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year and it is the second leading cause of death especially in 15-29 year individuals.

Nowadays, the only thing buzzing around the world is the coronavirus. Every news channel and every social media platform is overflowing with COVID-19 news. This has brought great socio-economic uncertainties, leading to increased anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicide across the world. The implementation of lockdown has affected many people and they are living in the fear of losing their jobs, business, savings, and their basic daily life necessities.

The pandemic has helped us realize the importance of a healthy mind. To keep the virus at bay, we use sanitizers, disinfectants, and masks, but we often forget that our mind is the one that helps us fight anxiety, depression and keeps us sane emotionally.

During this outbreak, many people have faced serious challenges to keep their mental health. Along with the serious impacts of the coronavirus, the disease has led us to self-isolate, social distance from our friends and families. People who have moved to a city or town away from family, are the ones who are most affected mentally due to the frequent lockdowns and quarantine. With no human contact for such a long time, it can mess up one’s mental health leading to experience helplessness, isolation, anxiety, depression, and grief.

Nowadays, the demand for mental health services is increased and one can always seek professional help to overcome their mental health problems. But some of us might not be really comfortable going to a therapist to sort our problems. So, in this article, you can find ways to look after your health while staying at home.

Workout keeps you Physically and Mentally Happy

Working out and exercising is not just for weight loss or gain anymore. Exercising can help people to deal with depression, anxiety and reduces stress. Working out also helps you to sleep better, increases happiness, boosts self-confidence, and increases your energy throughout the day. All the endorphins released can keep your mind in a positive mood and keeps you happy. You can also do yoga, meditate and practice breathing exercises to calm yourself from the chaos happening around you.

Stay Connected

Staying at home all the time can be difficult, especially if you’re living alone. Always keep in touch with your family, friends, co-workers, and your loved ones to help you feel more connected with each other by frequent calls, video calls, or messages. You can also keep in touch with your friends on social media and share content to make yourself and others feel better. In case, you come across particular accounts or people who increase your anxiety or worry, you can always mute, unfollow and block those accounts.

Ignore the Rumors and Fake News

Sometimes, everything you hear and see on social media and news might not always be the truth. Take your time and verify the source of the news. Check its credibility and come to a conclusion. Don’t let any kind of news affect your mood; always keep in check with your emotions.

Make Yourself a Priority

During the regular days, amidst the busy schedule, you never find time for yourself. With the elimination of commuting and office stress, you can now use this opportunity to focus on yourself. You can now adopt healthy sleeping and eating habits that can boost your immunity. This is your chance to build that lifestyle you always wanted. You can read that book you’ve always wanted to read. Learn new something every day, maybe a new instrument, a new language. Unleash your creative self and draw, paint, dance, and do pottery. If you have a pet, give them your attention and play with them. Nothing beats stress more than playing with your pets. Try cooking new recipes and cuisines, as they say, cooking always soothes your mood. You can also try redecorating your home, by cleaning it, redesigning, and resetting the arrangements. It gives your home a new look and satisfaction to your efforts.

Lockdown doesn’t always have to be bad. Try to make the best of everything. Change your perception and it will eventually change your emotional state. This could be an opportunity to take a step back from your busy life and consider this as a chance to connect with yourself and reset your life.

Stay healthy and keep a healthy mind, let’s fight this together!