Donald Tang: Providing a Portal to Success in the World’s Biggest Digital Marketplace

The internet offers many bright opportunities. It’s used by millions of people every single day and so, for modern business purposes, it’s one huge marketplace. In contrast to old-fashioned marketing and advertising, all kinds of businesses have a precious opportunity to connect with an exponentially higher number of people. Although the process of doing so may present its challenges, businesses can achieve a much greater level of success.

China, supporting about 1.4 billion people, is the world’s largest digital marketplace. It’s also one of the world’s most successful economies. So, in effect, engaging well with the Chinese marketplace is a pathway to holistic success for international businesses as well as digital app, service or product providers. But as foreign businesses do, they face difficulties: collaborating across different time zones, communicating through different languages, acquiring license and finding reliable partners, stores or outlets. Thus, they need additional guidance and support to successfully establish themselves here and connect with people.

Donald Tang, CEO, APPTUTTi

Mr. Donald Tang, a bold Chinese entrepreneur, is helping foreign businesses and individuals overcome this challenge. He’s the founder and CEO of APPTUTTi, the platform for mobile app and game developers from anywhere in the world to publish their products in the Chinese marketplace. “I created APPTUTTi with one vision: To give developers the ability to publish their apps and games in China, from anywhere, at any time. Our mission is to bridge overseas developers and the Chinese mobile marketplace,” he states.

Solving Digital Marketing Challenges Faced by International App Makers

Some years back, Mr. Tang saw a big problem in the Chinese marketplace. Even though the vast marketplace showed the promise of success, there were very few fresh games coming into the nation’s mobile industry. Because of its nuances, outsiders struggled to understand the way the market works, to find the right business partners and to gain the proper resources. So, in 2015, he set up the company in Hong Kong, with the mission to be the easiest, quickest and a problem-free means to publish apps from overseas.

Since its inception in 2015, the company has grown by over 50 employees, with new offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Like all innovative companies, APPTUTTi has faced and overcome many challenges. “In the early stage, we faced many setbacks concerning communication and IT infrastructure development. We settled the issues and addressed the mistakes, one by one, in a deliberate and determined manner. Throughout, we have maintained an attitude of patience and persistence. We now treat all the problems and challenges as part and parcel of our journey,” Mr. Tang shares.

The company’s core team members are well experienced in international business activities and international marketing. APPTUTTi’s entire culture encourages people from different cultures and with different talents to collaborate towards providing high-quality services.

Equipping App Makers with Essential Tools for Success

APPTUTTi, at the core, is all about bringing unique and creative apps to more than 690 million Chinese mobile gamers. This online self-service portal simplifies the app publishing process by automating the key activities involved. It also brings unprecedented convenience to the process because app or game developers can simply publish their product from the comfort of their own home. Along with empowering app makers with an ability to easily publish their apps, the company has two additional competencies to support clients: technical capabilities and highly proficient staff.

Upon publishing their apps, the APPTUTTi portal allows clients to easily track earnings, distribute apps amongst multiple stores, securely manage user information as well as easily manage social media and advertisements. These are some of the additional capabilities that allow clients to publish their apps and ensure that they thrive. Alongside, the company’s diverse team of experts including consultants, technicians and digital marketers are well-versed in overcoming all major challenges involved. Having good command over the English language, they can also guide clients through all the formalities involved with the marketplace.

Thus, the APPTUTTi portal is uniquely positioned to help app makers from around the world to successfully broadcast their apps to the vast Chinese marketplace.

Words of Wisdom to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Patience is a Valuable Resource

APPTUTTi is successful today because the company values creators. It strives to support them with more ‘stages’ across the world such as China and unexplored marketplaces, to showcase their creations. Some of their core values include equality, simplicity and transparency.

As the pioneering entrepreneur and business leader of APPTUTTi, Mr. Tang personally believes in communication and teachability as two very important values. “No one should underestimate the importance of communication. Whether through electronic means or face to face, contact can resolve company-wide or inter-team problems,” he says. Regarding teachability, he notes that everyone makes mistakes, but we all can learn from them. He also believes that it’s essential to allow failure in a company so that people can learn from them and make sure that they never repeat them.

Today, Mr. Tang is committed to the success of APPTUTTi’s clients. For young and aspiring entrepreneurs, he advises that patience can be one of the rarest and most valuable resources in the world today. “If you have patience, you are rich enough to collect all the help you need. All the first-time mistakes should be appreciated, as they represent trying. But the repeated ones reflect one’s inability to learn. Learning from your mistakes makes you better. If you are not learning from mistakes, then the road to entrepreneurship will be hard,” he concludes.