Do Van Long: A Visionary Leader Empowering Industries with the Disruptive Power of Blockchain

Do Van Long

Do Van Long, CEO, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC)

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, where possibilities seem boundless, one innovation stands out as a true catalyst for transformation: blockchain. With its decentralized architecture, cryptographic security, and immutable ledger, blockchain is reshaping industries and redefining the way we think about data, security, and transactions. From finance to healthcare, supply chains to voting systems, this groundbreaking breakthrough is revolutionizing the very fabric of our modern world, propelling us towards a future of unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and security. At the forefront of this disruptive wave are visionary leaders with a deep understanding of blockchain’s potential. Armed with deep technical knowledge and keen business acumen, these trailblazing leaders unlock unprecedented opportunities and create value for their customers, driving forward the adoption of blockchain technology, and fuelling a revolution that promises a brighter, decentralized future.

Among these exemplary leaders stands Do Van Long, the CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC), a leading Blockchain technology company in Vietnam. Under his indomitable leadership, VBC has emerged as a trailblazer, driving digital transformation and pioneering the adoption of blockchain across sectors. With a relentless focus on customer value and quality efficiency, Do Van Long and VBC are propelling Vietnam into the forefront of the blockchain revolution, positioning the nation as a catalyst for change on the global stage.

The Profound Journey to Prominence

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr Long has had the privilege of engaging with industry experts and actively participating in a diverse array of blockchain projects. It was during these immersive experiences that he developed a deep appreciation for blockchain’s potential to revolutionize various sectors. “I considered it as a new wind with many benefits and potentials to develop and especially bring positive values to society. Besides, I also cherished some ideas and projects which will be so useful and applicable when combined with blockchain technology,” asserts Mr Long.

Vietnam, renowned for its advanced technical prowess in information technology and its pioneering research efforts in the realm of new technologies during the fourth industrial revolution, served as an ideal backdrop for his aspirations. During that era, blockchain technology was still in its early stages of global adoption and Mr. Long firmly believed that seizing the opportune moment would allow Vietnam to harness blockchain’s untapped potential, offering innovative solutions to socio-economic challenges. In doing so, Vietnam would establish a formidable reputation as a leading “Blockchain Country” and an eminent “Blockchain Expert Hub,” thereby attracting foreign investments and fostering international collaborations. Driven by this visionary outlook, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation (VBC) was established in 2016. Today, VBC proudly stands as an innovative Science & Technology enterprise dedicated to pioneering research and development of cutting-edge Blockchain solutions and services across various sectors such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, E-Commerce, Sharing Economy, FinTech, Public Services, and Smart Cities.

Key Attributes that Give VBC an Edge

In 2019, VBC became the first certified Science and Technology Enterprise in Vietnam, bringing a remarkable transformation to traditional IT solutions through Blockchain technology. This enables VBC to avoid legal complications that often arise for companies involved in developing Blockchain applications related to cryptocurrencies. With extensive experience in developing ISO 9001:2015 Blockchain solutions, VBC has proven its feasibility in the practical implementation of numerous practical applications that deliver significant societal benefits. These include but are not limited to, a traceability solution;, an innovative smart voting platform; SSI, a digital identity system; VBchain, specialized Blockchain solutions for enterprises; and, a cutting-edge solution facilitating secure storage of Covid-19 test records.

VBC’s Blockchain solutions are designed according to a very popular basement structure to suit the general demand and industry specifics as well as the size of the enterprises/customers. Therefore, its solutions have broad applicability, making them suitable for a wide range of users. To date, VBC has successfully implemented Blockchain solutions for over 50 projects, serving more than 180 partners and customers across various fields in Vietnam and built Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for customers. “This is a practical demonstration for VBC to develop Blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam. To talk about the value brought to customers, I would appreciate the win-win projects. The most important key is to ensure our quality efficiency to all customers, competing Based on Value, Not Price,” opines Mr Long.

The core members of VBC have also been instrumental in its remarkable progress within the Blockchain market. The COO, Mr Nguyen Duc Hiep, the Leader of the Advisory Board, Assoc. Prof. Dr Huynh Tuong Nguyen, Experts of the Advisory Board, Dr Pham Hoang Anh and Assoc Prof. Dr Tran Van Hoai ardently support the Board of Directors in formulating effective strategies for current Blockchain solutions and exploring new approaches to address real-world socio-economic challenges while staying abreast of global Blockchain technology trends. Their dedication ensures VBC’s continuous development, perpetuating its success through the formation and growth of the company.

Rising Above the Challenges

Like any successful venture, VBC’s journey to prominence was not without challenges. One of the major hurdles for VBC was starting a business in a very new field in the Vietnamese market. The primary obstacle stems from the fact that many Vietnamese users still lack a clear understanding of Blockchain technology. Many still confuse Blockchain with cryptocurrencies, focusing solely on financial gains instead of recognizing its broader societal significance. To overcome this, VBC actively engages with ministries, governments, and organizations, raising awareness and developing practical applications.

However, Vietnam currently lacks a precise legal framework for promoting Blockchain, posing a challenge for VBC and other start-ups in the field. VBC holds full licenses to research and develop Blockchain solutions to address socio-economic challenges. “But for legal recognition, our digital results need to be recognized the same as with paper documents when applying new technologies into daily life. VBC and similar companies still require Sandbox support for business development and expansion, as the government is unlikely to easily change current regulations,” adds Mr Long.

Leadership Values Rooted In Integrity And Honesty

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in executive management and C-level positions across various industries, Mr Long adheres to a set of leadership principles rooted in integrity and honesty. He believes in the transformative power of continuous learning and encourages his team to embrace growth opportunities. Mr Long also emphasizes the power of listening and fostering collaboration, uniting individuals around a shared vision, values, and goals to foster long-term development for the company, employees, partners, and customers. VBC prioritizes ongoing training programs and team-building initiatives, fostering a friendly and professional work environment.

Continues Shaping the Future of Blockchain

Today, VBC proudly stands as a trailblazing Blockchain Corporation celebrated for its global impact through innovative products that benefit both the economy and society. But Mr Long’s vision extends far beyond accolades. Looking ahead, he envisions a future where VBC continues to educate the market, creating demand through training programs, while simultaneously standardizing processes to make them more accessible and flexible for a wide range of companies.

Furthermore, the company intends to explore and analyze the application of Blockchain technology in various sectors, such as Real Estate, Digital Assets, and Insurance. Ultimately, Mr Long’s vision is to establish Vietnam as the next successful Blockchain country in the region. “Besides, I always accelerate the VBC team to focus on researching new world trends to continuously come up with innovative and effective solutions, bring practical values to the community, and also contribute to the development of the National Innovation Start-up Ecosystem,” declares Mr Long with determination. With Mr Long at the helm, VBC will continue to make significant strides towards shaping the future of Blockchain technology, leaving an indelible legacy of innovation and impact.