Digital marketing strategies for the post-crisis scenario

Digital marketing strategies for the post-crisis scenario

Since the emergence of the Internet, Digital Marketing has become one of the essential aspects of the business. And, if before it attracted attention for its potential, today it has more relevance, thanks to having shown that this set of strategies also works in times of crisis. 

In the past few months, we saw the habit of consumption change altogether. Given the isolation measures and the quarantine status, people are more connected and much more interested in brands that offer their services and products in the digital sphere. This behavior impacted many segments, especially those that had their focus on the physical. In this delicate moment, the most important thing for companies is to find ways to minimize losses and long-term effects. 

Digital Marketing in times of crisis brings with it opportunities to overcome the current scenario. So here, we will share some of the strategies you can take to overcome this circumstance and move on. Continue reading.

Create your dashboard 

When you already know which metrics you are going to focus on, the next thing is to see how you can monitor them in real-time and together through a dashboard. Therefore, it is the right time for your IT or marketing department to get to work to set up a centralized control panel with Data Studio or another solution, as automated as possible. 

In a situation characterized by constant changes and uncertainty, it is essential to be able to follow data in real-time to anticipate changes. If there is a drop in response, you will have to take action in real-time, not a week later.

Show your visibility

Brands must make their customers feel cared for at all times: both in good times and in times of crisis. The implementation of the appropriate digital marketing strategies will help you to gain visibility and improve your positioning in difficult times. And, your clients will also know that you are still there for them by allowing new prospects to meet you and discover how you can meet their needs during the crisis. 

Contrary to what you may be thinking, this does not require a super investment. Offer relevant content that meets the immediate needs of your audience; through blogs, social networks, landing pages, etcetera; it can yield excellent results in terms of reputation and authority.

Broadcast live 

Almost every channel and social network includes the option to broadcast live video and is the opportunity to make a positive impression on potential travelers. It has also been one of the most used practices during the quarantine, and it has given excellent results. Thus, it is recommendable to implement live broadcast from time to time. In addition to allowing your followers to get to know you better, you promote your products and services in an innovative and very compelling way.

Consider investing in online brands

While long-term relationship building is important, short-term strategies help to gain momentum at this point. Thus, one of the possibilities is to invest in ads on online platforms, such as Google and social networks. Just putting them on the air, however, does not guarantee results. Thus, it is necessary to measure the results in order to be aware of what is working. Another tip for those just starting out is to take it easy and make gradual investments.

Bet on Google adwords

Even though the objective, during the crisis, is to reduce spending, some investments can make all the difference in increasing sales. Although organic traffic is more profitable if we consider long-term results, for a more immediate scenario, the sponsored link is a great choice. 

With a good strategy using Google Ads, and considerably low investment, it is possible to achieve good results, as links and paid ads will appear more often for a larger number of people. With well-applied filters, it’s easy to reach the right people and convert to sales. And it is very versatile, allowing you to advertise videos, banners, or links in prominent areas. In addition, it allows for high segmentation and good investment control. Therefore, knowing better how Google Ads works helps you immediately leverage your sales.

Concluding remarks

This crisis, which is affecting the entire population hard, it is essential to remain optimistic! Certainly, you have to adapt specific elements of your strategy, but not the vision of your company: enrich your initial values ​​and focus on what you can do. 

There is no perfect communication strategy in times of crisis, and this health crisis is one of them. In this tough period, the keyword is to keep in touch with your partners to fine-tune your business for post-crisis.