Current Limitations of Artificial Intelligence to Marketers

Current Limitations of Artificial Intelligence to Marketers

We all have our own theory about Artificial Intelligence. Most of us believe that the times are changing and machines are taking over the world in the near future. But there is so much time left before that happens and humans have so much to do in the meantime. Even though supercomputers evolved in a relatively short span of time, in general, humans are still way smarter than computers and creating a fully functional human brain is still some miles away.

There are many visible ways in which AI is influencing, changing and shaping our world. AI is set to revolutionize the way marketers do their jobs, making campaigns more personalized, predictive and automated than ever before. While the companies are experiencing the benefits of AI, have you ever wondered about the real limitations to it?

So before you say goodbye to your marketing team, hoping that an artificially intelligent machine can replace them and save you big bucks, take some time and make yourself fully aware of facts of the current limitations of artificial intelligence.

It is a known fact that everything has its own limits, but that doesn’t mean we should stop exploring. In reality, it is better to know the limitations of certain things so that it gives us an opportunity to go beyond them.  

Here is a list of a few limitations and issues with Artificial Intelligence that every business leader should be aware of.

  • No one-size-fits-all Solution

Certain AI-powered marketing tasks cannot be performed by a single AI machine. You have to rely on different individual solutions to perform certain tasks. You need to choose from the plenty of intelligent marketing tools out there to choose, from using AI to optimizing and personalizing your content to an AI tool that helps optimize paid campaigns. However, with no one-size-fits-all solution, it becomes expensive, time-consuming and messy trying to use a different range of tools to carry out a particular task.

  • Requires Supervision

To run a marketing campaign, a marketer is very much required in order to plan, design and run the campaign. AI machines cannot work all by themselves. AI system needs someone to feed the system with all the required information for them to learn. Experts believe that this form of supervised learning does not imitate the way humans learn naturally, and this might be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to creating a more human-like AI machines.

  • Limited to Thinking

AI is limited to its thinking. It can only do what it is programmed to do. Generally, it does all the work excellently, but unlike us, it is unable to make any judgments on its own. For instance, if a customer was involved in a tragic event, a good marketer feels empathy and compassion for the victims and changes or cancels the scheduled messaging. However, a machine does not have the capability to show emotions and could get the company in a pickle at times if it’s not controlled.

  • Cost and Maintenance

Every new technology that is released in the market is expensive. AI is no different than the other; there can be a significant cost of purchase and a need for ongoing maintenance repair. In adapting to the continually changing business environment, your AI software will also require regular upgrades. Before you go ahead and implement any AI system, you need to carefully consider the return on investment by your company.

  • Lack of Creativity

AIs are not built for creative pieces of work. Although they can help you in designing and creating something extraordinary, they still can’t compete with the human brain. Their creativity is limited to the creative ability of the person who programs and commands them. AI can become skilled machines, but they cannot acquire the abilities of a human brain. Skills can be learned and mastered but abilities can only come naturally. So we need both humans and machines.


We have discussed some of the major disadvantages of AI implementation for marketers. And we can conclude that like any other new technology or innovation, AI also has its own set of limitations. Despite these flaws, AI has enormous potential to help marketers and it is safe to say that with time, all these problems will be fixed including the issue of unemployment. It is going to be a want for any smart marketer to add it to their strategy.