Cüneyt Kalpakoglu: An Evangelist for the Ethical Use of Technology and Proactive Application Security

The threat of cybercrime is greater than ever. As we increasingly depend on interconnected devices for our day-to-day activities, our information is increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime. In light of its escalating nature, erecting cybersecurity measures is no longer a luxury, it is duty. Good cybersecurity measures can protect countless peoples’ personal information, proprietary data, sensitive information, trade secrets, and brand reputation for businesses as well as government organizations.

In this worldwide endeavour to strengthen the standards of cybersecurity, Mr. Cüneyt Kalpakoglu, a leading and award-winning cybersecurity initiator from Turkey, becomes relevant. He has studied network security and cybersecurity in-depth, including gaining a PhD in information security and cryptology. Professionally, he is well-recognized as a pioneer in the information technology and cybersecurity domains. He has introduced and standardized vital modern technologies and practices into Turkey, including static code analysis projects in the field of application security. One of his biggest contributions is setting up the multinational company IBM’s first business partner company in Turkey in 1984 called BYTE Software Ltd.

Cuneyt Kalpakoglu
Cuneyt Kalpakoglu, Chairman and Founder, Endpoint-labs Cyber Security R&D

In 2013, based on the know-how Mr. Kalpakoglu acquired over the years, he set up ‘Endpoint-Labs Cybersecurity R&D Corp.’ with a mission to offer comprehensive hi-tech solutions for applications software security. Specializing in the development of the next generation application security solutions, the company has since become a renowned success.

Protecting the Foundation of the Modern Professional World—Applications

“Cyberattacks have become a mission-critical commonality in today’s world. The number of reported incidents is increasing dramatically. And we don’t know the number of unreported attacks and destructions as well. Even worse, many of these attacks target small businesses that don’t have the know-how, tools or strategies to defend themselves,” Mr. Kalpakoglu, the Chairman at Endpoint Labs, says.

Mr. Kalpakoglu strongly believes that the biggest threats in 2020 are application software vulnerabilities, data breaches, misconfiguration, insecure application programming interfaces, account hijacking, malicious insider threats and distributed denial-of-service attacks. “The basis of everything in the cyber world starts with software. Everyone who develops software must definitely apply secure software development life cycle and ensure application security by testing their software,” he substantiates.

Any software and applications represent the foundation for any activity taking place over the internet today, including storing, archiving, and exchanging valuable information. So, it’s crucial that all organizations protect their applications environment to overcome the threat of cybercrime. Once basic security measures are set up, companies can avail the help of predictive analytics to stay ahead of cybercriminals. “To effectively counter cyberattacks, IT staff needs to know what an attack looks like, when it’s likely to occur, and where it’s coming from. Rapid response times are critical for avoiding the worst. Predictive analytics can give teams the advance notice they need to actively combat hacking attempts,” Mr. Kalpakoglu says.

Innovative and Hi-Tech Ensuring Holistic Application Security

Several reports from leading research organizations say that applications are the single biggest target for cybercrime today. More alarmingly, the costs to repair and to resume routine activities after a data breach is typically extremely expensive. So, taking proactive measures to protect company’s online data is a business imperative.

Classical approaches to web software or app development are lacking, especially within security testing. Software testing can use various concepts like vulnerability analysis, ethical hacking, penetration tests, source code analysis, static app security testing and more to test a company’s IT security systems, identify possible vulnerabilities and adopt proactive remedial measures.

In light of these conditions, Endpoint Labs takes application security seriously and helps clients in five basic ways:

  • Application Software Security Analysis and Testing: Through unique solutions, the company helps clients continually improve their security or immune system. These services are thorough, customizable, and certified, addressing the major concerns like information security, network security, app security, and secure app development. These services can quickly identify the root cause of weaknesses in systems and resolves them. These key services can be performed easily, at scale, and can be automated as well. Further, such secure software can be integrated into the organizational framework easily.
  • DevSecOps: This is a modern movement within the software development community that incorporates security measures while developing the software itself. Apart from supporting innovative solutions, this practice greatly supports IT teams and security personnel, helping build collaboration, saving time, and raising overall efficiency.
  • Kondukto service: This is a vulnerability management and orchestration platform, an innovative idea that was born from Endpoint and has grown and developed into another company. Kondukto automatically pinpoints the developer responsible for vulnerabilities discovered by SAST tools and saves time to find the right person to fix the vulnerability. It automatically assigns issues to developers who created the vulnerabilities in the first place to speed up the remediation process. Its developer level vulnerability data makes secure coding a measurable KPI for developers and helps to move secure coding up the ladder of priorities. This is a single platform to orchestrate various vulnerability sources allows for the creation of key metrics and a centralized vulnerability management process.
  • Consultation, Research and Development: The company offers many unique security solutions through consultations and R&D efforts, to share the heavy burden of ensuring cybersecurity holistically. Apart from the basic aspects of cybersecurity strategy, it brings creative and smart solutions in new areas such as remote access management and authorization.
  • Cybersecurity Training: One of the most important assets of the company is the training know-how of cyber security technologies. In this context, due to the criticality of Secure Software Development and DevSecOps trainings, it highlights the development of training methods and solutions in this regard. The company is now an authorized training and examination centre for DevOps training and certification, supporting people towards an internationally accredited career in DevOps and Secure Software Development Trainings.

Finally, the company also ensures that their services are affordable, easy to buy and use, envisioning world-class customer care with high customer satisfaction.

Promoting Hope, Professional Security, and The Use of Technology for World Peace

Through the years, Mr. Kalpakoglu has been recognized with many awards for his vital contributions to modernize Turkey’s professional environment. He’s a bold, courageous, and reliable leader and authority within cybersecurity, personally emphasizing the need for sustainability in the modern life. One of his core beliefs is the importance of learning and he advocates that we all must keep on learning continually, whether by watching others or by experience.

On the nature of today’s busy work life, constantly under pressure to be productive, Mr. Kalpakoglu comments that we must take breaks and regularly ask ourselves whether our work lives are really sustainable. “It’s extremely important to analyse our position today and how our activities could influence our future with honesty and wisdom. Sometimes it’s better to postpone a certain goal or even change it in advance,” he offers his own wisdom.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberattacks have increased, because of our increasing reliable on technology. Mr. Kalpakoglu’s company represents hope for countless people relying on the internet for their important activities—it has been providing hundreds of people and companies free secure software training courses. It is a very prominent cybersecurity company today, being well-recognized by other organizations, receiving positive feedback from clients, and partnering up with many organizations in the cybersecurity industry such as Checkmarx, Kondukto, and the DevOps Insititute.

“The rapid development of cybersecurity technologies increases the importance of ethics. The development of science with ethical values, conscience and its use with wisdom is what I value most in life. I point out that technology without conscience can be dangerous. Under any circumstances, technology should be developed for the spread of world peace. This is my motto,” Mr. Kalpakoglu concludes, by sharing his valuable beliefs.