Chenyi Ang: How AI-created Healthy Eating can Improve our Quality of Lives

We Are What We Eat

What have you got on your plate today? Are essential nutrients, or are scrumptious (and unhealthy) delicacies that’s wreaking havoc on your blood sugar and your waistline on your menu? How would you know if you are having a healthy and balanced diet? Chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell the nutritional breakdown immediately— unless you’re an AI.

When it comes to lifestyle diseases, it directly leads back to our lifestyle choices: According to Chenyi Ang, an internationally recognized tech founder, who realized an alarming trend in chronic diseases which was preventable and sensed a need of personalized nutrition service that can help people eat better and live a healthier life.

Chenyi Ang, Founder, Go-Mad.AI

Whilst working in the banking sector, Chenyi observed the health trend among this colleagues and realized that many have lifestyle diseases and one of the leading causes behind it is unhealthy diets. Unhealthy or imbalance diet not only leads to health issues like poor digestion, inflammation, unwanted weight gain, and obesity, but it also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments, and even cancer.

The Inception of GO-MAD.AI

Back then, it was easy to find practicing doctors, pharmacists, and dentists, but not nutritionists. With the opportunity to pioneer this, Chenyi sought to connect nutritionists to the public via a nutritionist platform that serves as a virtual directory and consultation medium. The goal was to introduce and optimize personal nutritionists to the public, as they are an important part in preventive healthcare through their expertise in food nutrition.

A pilot research conducted by Chenyi found dismaying data from the public, as the majority of public lack awareness on nutrition, and most donot voluntarily seek paid nutrition services, opting to personally (and ineffectively) research online themselves.

Bridging this knowledge of public awareness with skills in computer science, Chenyi developed an AI-powered virtual nutritionist, a personal nutrition assistant that allows users to be worry-free while eating. This led to the inception of GO-MAD.AI, an integrated digital health platform with an AI-powered meal tracking technology that allows users to obtain a detailed nutrition analysis by taking a simple pictureof their food with their mobile phones. The AI Nutritionist is able to track diet, monitor and give alert on potential risk based on the diet pattern on real time basis—a convenient personal pocket nutritionist right at your fingertips.

Offering AI Nutritionist and Food Image Recognition Model

GO-MAD.AI has 2 AI applications: AI food image recognition model and AI Nutritionist Model. The AI food image recognition model identifies food items based on food photographs uploaded by the users and displays the calculated food nutrition information. The AI Nutritionist Model on the other hand monitors users’ meal/diet patterns, alerts them when a certain macro/micro nutrient intake (sodium, fat, cholesterol, sugar, carbs) has exceeded daily limit/threshold, prompting a risk alert to be sent to users about lifestyle diseases; GO-MAD.AI has pioneered the development of this model in-house.

“By having virtual nutritionist assistants on our smartphones, anyone can eat with ease and without worry, because our AI Nutritionist will always be there with you to monitor your diet. The ultimate goal of our services is to reduce the risk of getting lifestyle/chronic diseases of our users, and to stay healthy with stronger body immunity,” asserts Chenyi.

Success is Being Able to Create Social Impact

In Chenyi’s view, success can be seen via two key perspectives: monetary or social impact creation. Between the two perspectives, he has always emphasized on creating a social impact through his endeavors. He believes that when there is established social impact, the monetary compensation will come afterwards. “For GO-MAD.AI, we are developing a technology to promote well-being for the people. Social impact creation is our first priority, then, as the development and technology adoption mature, profit would be the focus so that we can sustain ourselves and we would be able to contribute more to the society,” opines Chenyi.

Imparting key lessons from his entrepreneurial journey, Chenyi advises budding entrepreneurs to put the right people in the right role and promote a dynamic and agile team culture. He urges them to expand the role and always go beyond and align the role with capabilities, not by age. Chenyi believes that transparency, honesty and the ability to use resources efficiently are the key traits that every leader must have. Thus, he encourages the aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace these traits and take up new challenges or opportunities given to stand out amongst people. “Agility is the key. Fail fast to succeed faster. It’s not necessary to aim to play the ‘carry’ role, ‘support’ role is important as well. Most important is to achieve the mission. When you try to do something big, it’s hard to fail completely,” states Chenyi.

The Journey to Prominence

Born and raised in a family with a business background, Chenyi had a keen interest in entrepreneurship since childhood. Thus, during his school days, when children were asked to write down their top 3 ambitions, entrepreneurship always topped his list. His entrepreneurial spirit was further fueled when he attended aconference about Industrial Revolution 4.0 where he learned about the upcoming technology trend and how will it add value and change lives. This piqued his interest as a budding technology enthusiast and thus, he decided to venture into the technology business to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Thenceforth, he worked for numerous banks and asset management companies where he was involved in credit analysis, compliance, risk management and investment banking. Leveraging his years of experience and extensive knowledge. Presently, he is spearheading GO-MAD.AI towards growth and success.

Continues Supporting AI adoption in SEA region

Chenyi recalls, just a few years back, when he first heard about Industry Revolution 4.0, it was still in the conceptual stage in terms of AI.The Southeast Asia region lagged behind in rapid adoption of AI few years down the road. But today, businesses are increasingly adopting AI applications. Chenyi believes that AI should be the culture in the IR 4.0 business landscape. Forging ahead, he plans to setup an AI Fund to support the Artificial Intelligence adoption in SEA region while continuing to create a social impact.

“As an entrepreneur, social impact creation is still my main priority, especially in the post COVID-19 pandemic times. In fact, I have just started a Fintech platform with the mission of financial inclusion. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to supporting more Sustainable Development Goalsin my upcoming ventures,” concludes Chenyi.