Athan Lekkas: Bringing Simpler, Reliable and Profitable Payment-Processing Software Systems for the Digital Age

All business leaders want to inspire those around them to contribute towards a larger purpose and build a long-lasting company, in a constantly shapeshifting world. Through it all, they want to give something useful or valuable to people, and to help them live better. Unfortunately, only a few of them really succeed. Recent studies show that 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years and 90% of them fail eventually—this means that each year, thousands of new businesses rise and fall.

The top reasons for business failure include offering services/products that the market is not ready, low fund, ineffective business model, poor marketing, and team incompatibility. On the other hand, the success stories of businesses have one commonality always—their commitment to improve the quality of life for their customers. They know that helping customers is the primary focus more than making profits. They also understand that by delivering quality service consistently, money and success will come naturally.

Athen Lekkas
Athan Lekkas, CEO,
SQID Payment Technologies

An excellent example of an effective business leader today is Mr. Athan Lekkas, the CEO and Chairman at ‘SQID Payment Technologies’, an Australian FinTech company offering payment processing solutions to radically improve today’s payment-processing systems. In his career so far, he has excelled as an investment expert, specialising in the technology sector. In their jobs, investment bankers blueprint the total financial worth of large organizations and are also accountable for their success or failure. In spite of the risks involved, he has helped build many successful companies. As he developed certain key skills, he began taking up bigger responsibilities in his career, eventually leading SQIP Payments Technologies.

A Leadership Success Story: From Making an Investment to Actively Unlocking Value

As a Director and shareholder of a listed investment company, Mr. Lekkas is constantly reviewing investment opportunities. In 2013, one of them was SQID Payment Technologies, a FinTech business concept that showed compelling value. The company quickly bought their shares, started actively restructuring and growing the company, with Mr. Lekkas becoming the Chairman and CEO. Its service has been helping hundreds of diverse Australian businesses simplify customer onboarding and payment systems, through versatile and powerful software solutions.

SQID’s proprietary payment solutions offer businesses simpler, easier, and seamless means to onboard customers, process payments, improve sales performance and grow the business. It presents a broad range of payment options, so that businesses within different industries like health, education, photography, advertisements, travel and more can customize services as per their unique business requirements. The software benefits all customers: small-to-medium-sized businesses, start-ups, franchises, software-as-a-service platforms, apps, and marketplaces. Apart from business owners, the software can be beneficial to app developers, various business partners and investors as well.

Success, Failure, Achievements, and Learning in the Professional Journey 

For the most of his career, Mr. Lekkas has been successful as an investment banker. He has advised many cross-border transactions, raised large amounts of funds, as well as structured mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures overseas. And before becoming the CEO and Chairman at SQID Payment Technologies, he has held other executive and leaderships roles.

Apart from these achievements, Mr. Lekkas’s years of investment banking experience was also a crucial learning experience. Through the experiences, he has learnt to support his professional activities with the appropriate vision and decisions. He now believes professional success as returning or bringing in value to all the shareholders. “My strategy is to back myself with vision and decisions. I invest and put money behind companies and individuals that I feel I can trust, not only because I believe they can make money but because of their ethics in business dealings,” Mr. Lekkas explains.

Dedicated to Continually Grow as a Business Leader 

SQID Payment Technologies envisions simplifying and radically improving customers’ payment systems, so that they can focus on providing their main services. In fact, SQID’s highly customizable payment-processing platform has proven successful to countless customers across Australia, delivering sustained profitability to them all. 

“Our company is in the FinTech sector. Whilst there are many companies in our sector that have are not profitable but have market capitalizations that are extremely high, we are one of the only companies in the FinTech sectors that has experienced 40% year on year growth and matching profitability. During this time, we have also enhanced our technology, and never taken a backward step with product development, innovation, and customer success,” Mr. Lekkas states.As an effective business leader today, Mr. Lekkas wants SQID Payment Technologies and its customers to thrive in the future. “I want to demonstrate intelligence with my decision-making, create a necessary energy that becomes contagious and deal only with people that I share the same values of integrity that I do,” Mr. Lekkas shares his aspirations.