Ariel Munafo: A Serial Entrepreneur who Leveraged his Experience to Transform Businesses

Starting a business is often always a victory to your heart. While there are so many unpredictable risks and challenges throughout their entrepreneurial journey, entrepreneurs always trust their instincts and their deep desire to do something different each day. Entrepreneurs are driven to watch their ideas help benefit the ones using them which continue to motivate them. An entrepreneur, Influencer, Cloud Evangelist, Ariel Munafo, founder of CloudEdge and MarkeTech Group is passionate about identifying innovative ways to leverage technology to help businesses in their digital transformation journey and cloud adoption.

Ariel is a tech enthusiast and loves to code, consult and mainly build new things. He shares,“ I like to build new things from LEGO (I have a huge collection of Architecture Lego) through NON-profit organizations to global companies but more seriously, I love to make the decisions, I love the tense and pressure of being an Entrepreneur, that almost everything is up to you and your team.”

Ariel Munafo
Ariel Munafo, Founder, CloudEdge and MarkeTech Group

Before founding CloudEdge, Ariel is also the founder of MarketTech Group, a technology media company, and DBACorporation. He saw a great opportunity when the first cloud computing area started in Israel and believed that it was the right time to hand those two companies to new CEOs and lead another challenge with new partners.

Delivering Exceptional Results

With the mission to fill the gap in the Azure Partners ecosystems in Israel, CloudEdge was incepted in 2018. CloudEdge was acquired in 2019 and became an Ewave Group company, that comprises cloud experts who do everything in their power to help businesses. The company maps clients’ requirements and accompanies them in the transition process. It also helps businesses to migrate wisely, establish the right cloud infrastructure, get tailor-made consulting services, implement cloud solutions and create effective business continuity plans.

“Our mission is to guide your organization through its transition to the cloud in a smooth, professional, and seamless manner. Being one of Microsoft’s highest-certified companies worldwide, our full array of services will answer all your cloud needs,” affirms Ariel. The company uses strong expertise and solid qualifications and provides clients with a secure network shield and streamlined processes as well as cost-effective business continuity plans. It is a System Integrator focused on Microsoft Cloud Solutions, Azure, 365, and Cloud Security. 

In Israel, many businesses are still struggling to adopt cloud computing and there is a lack of knowledge in the SMB, Enterprise, and Government sectors. CloudEdge educates hundreds of persons, builds companies, start-ups, governments, and organization infrastructures in the cloud, and helps them be more agile with higher Time-To-Market than it was possible before the Cloud. It also helps them be more secure, more resilient, which is more and more difficult in those days with all the cyber attacks and hackers working 24/7.

“I think that we focus on our clients, we don’t try to push, sale something our customers does not need, and we also say (hopefully not too much) to our customers: “It is better to use another solution”, this vision allows us a higher trust with our customers and we get a lot references to more and more customers,” says Ariel.

Attributes of Leader

According to Ariel, a good entrepreneur needs a few basic characteristics, like believing in yourself and what you’re building, need a strong character to face bad times, and being ready for many challenges. Ariel doesn’t believe in micromanagement and sees himself as a facilitator for the employees to succeed even if they choose to work for other companies in the end. He strongly believes that people should feel good every day they come to work and earn what they deserve.

He says, “My goal in life isn’t to have as much money, I don’t like people who feel well because they have money. In life we also need luck, to be in the right place at the right time. I measure myself with one key point if I use my potential and abilities to help as many people I can.” He also believes that people should lead by example, so when one succeeds, they are happy and successful.

Inspiring the Entrepreneurs

Ariel believes in hard work and the new generation gets too much at an early age and doesn’t understand that life is not so simple. The entrepreneur always stays hungry all the time, keeps challenging himself and his business. He advises the young entrepreneurs to not stay put for long because others will always be behind to grab the opportunities.

He shares, “I had a great talk with a tour guide in Abu-Dhabi talking on what was there before they found the fuel and she explained to me that her father told her: “You don’t know what is really a bad situation”, so life can change if you have luck but you need to learn to be able to take good decision even or when the money and success comes.”

“I believe that life put you in a lot of junctions where you can choose many options, so I hope that I will be able to stay with my legs in the ground, I don’t believe that I build my last company in the future I would love to be more active with Startups and companies that are trying to change problems such as earth climate, creation of food to help reduce hunger in the world, health. I am sure this will be one of my next challenges while always keeping educating,” concludes Ariel.