Anup Batra: Delivering Exceptional Results Using Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

In this era of the Internet and digitization, having a successful marketing strategy is concealed in digital marketing where the marketers are continuously working on innovations and ideas to improve a company’s brand value. Right from his first exposure to the internet, Anup Batra was excited about the medium and its enormous potential to help people interact and transact. While doing his MBA with a specialization in Marketing, he decided to work in the industry and started by setting up a company to educate people in using the internet. He later developed several web applications and portals for clients around the world. He says, “It was fascinating. The more work we did, the more insights we gathered. We did a lot of web 2.0 works in the web 1.0 days, like launching message boards and starting conversations.” 

Anup Batra
Anup Batra,
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Arrow Digital

The Journey of Arrow Digital

Anup Batra is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Arrow Digital. He started the company in 2007 driven by his passion for marketing methodology, digital innovation, and delivering exceptional outcomes for his clients. At the forefront of the industry, Arrow Digital has set the pace of digital marketing through cutting edge, integrated marketing techniques that get real results. The company designed a program called Build, Grow, and Exit to help ambitious entrepreneurs who have a vision for scaling with a view to exit. The Arrow Group has been a pioneer in scaling companies in the tech space for the last 13 years. These clients and partners who have worked with Arrow Digital have got exits from $45 Mn up to $250 Mn and others have secured capital raises from $500k to $10 Mn. With a strong team of strategic marketers and digital specialists with expertise in integrated marketing methods, the company is fueled by a genuine love of marketing and extracting the highest profits for the clients, cementing their hold in their respective markets.

“We are a company team who work together towards a shared vision and drive for innovation and exponential success,” says, Anup. “Thirteen years later and this shared vision means Arrow is at the forefront of our industry, driving innovation and delivering our client partners remarkable results.” The company is proud of its accolades of digital success that have generated over $780 million for its client’s bottom lines across 27 industries.

The biggest challenge for Anup in his career was to find gratitude and maintain positivity after a loss. After working extremely hard to get his MBA, get a coveted Job, and being held in high esteem by his peers and family, the company he was working for before Arrow Digital, lost a big contract, and a lot of colleagues including him were laid off. While this was a very challenging time in his life, Anup learned from his experience and overcame it with positivity and optimism letting himself be open to new opportunities. According to him, it takes a combination of dedication, hard work, positivity, and a grateful attitude to achieve success and growth. This attitude has led his business philosophy for years.

Strong Values that form a Strong Base

Arrow is driven by five core values: integrity, excellence, passion, and collaboration. These guiding principles are reflected in the company’s standard practices and behavior every day. Personally, Anup gives maximum importance to three main values: Passion to see businesses flourish at any time and in any environment, Pace of work and innovation, and Progress.

Having won numerous industry and business awards in partnership with its clients, including the top prestigious Fast 50 and BRW 100 excellence lists, the company is delighted to have worked with major brands and ambitious entrepreneurs who are dominating their chosen markets. While large, factory-like agencies continue to sacrifice quality over quantity, smaller, agency outfits lack personnel, experience, and resources.

“A happy medium was what they had envisaged: a boutique agency not so small that it was incapable of delivering on promises, but not so big that each client was reduced to a number,” asserts Anup. “Their guiding principles and hands-on leadership continue to shape Arrow’s reputation amongst renowned Australian digital agencies.”

Envisioning Success

According to Anup, “success is doing things to the highest standard possible, so much so that we achieve more than what we were aiming for. When we exceed client expectations either through growth marketing or capital raising we experience a high sense of accomplishment.”

As an avid entrepreneur, Anup aims to create a powerful ecosystem where tech founders and Investors from all over the world can flourish. He is also working with a curated collection of emerging tech companies that will become global leaders. Currently, he is looking for selected founders and investors to partner with to make the future more exciting and memorable.

“I am motivated by the people who change the world in their lifetime and would love to connect and collaborate with other change makers from different dimensions of life. It is magical when change-makers from different parts of the world come together,” asserts, Anup.