Alice Teoh: A Staunch Leader Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

The success of any organization depends on dedicated leaders who spearhead their company confidently. These inspiring leaders lead by example and are driven by the zeal to make a difference through their dedicated endeavours. They take every opportunity that comes their way as an opportunity to transform their dreams into reality. Such passionate and goal-oriented leaders always come up with innovative strategies and lead their teams to growth and prosperity. One such industrious and astute personality who is carving a new perspective in the beauty industry is Alice Teoh, Founder & CEO of Emma Lizs Salon Sdn Bhd.

“In an industry filled with superficiality, surgeries, fillers and injections that often leaves your face looking too “done”, puffed-up or with an unsustainable maintenance, we want to bring a holistic, loving approach to aging well,” says Alice

Alice Teoh
Alice Teoh, Founder & CEO of Emma Lizs Salon Sdn Bhd.

While working in the sales department of a skincare distribution company, Alice realized that the standard of service and professionalism in the beauty industry can be improved. In 1992, as the salon operation was more to hard selling techniques and quick service without much pampering, beauty salons were looking very clinical. Alice’s idea of providing clients pampering service while providing results in a non-clinical environment was frowned upon and deemed unnecessary. She says, “My suggestion of prescribing products to clients through understanding client’s concern and aligning it to product ingredient was deemed too complicated.”

At that moment, Alice challenged herself to prove that these ideas will bring a whole new level of professionalism to the beauty salon industry and change the perspective of how people perceive the profession of a beauty therapist. She considered this an opportunity to educate young beauty therapists to be speaking with knowledge and not sales talk and to be performing a service with client comfort in mind.

Creating a Niche

“The beauty industry is ever so competitive but one thing we see lacking in the industry which gives us an edge is the knowledge and dedication of the beauty therapist. We serve and pamper our clients from the minute a client walks in until she walks out,” shares, Alice.

Emma Lizs is very thoughtful to provide excellent service and experience to the client. The team makes sure they feel special and focuses completely on the client during the time they spend. Alice also makes sure that the client is filled with knowledge on the experience and about her purchase. At Emma Lizs, the team not only provides knowledge about the products or treatments but knowledge on how they can care and manage their concerns effectively and for the long term. Alice adds, “It will all be about her, her lifestyle, her concern, and how our expertise, knowledge, products, and service can be aligned to bring her the solution to her concern. In Emma Lizs, it is never ‘one size fits all.’”

Putting Customers at the Heart

At Emma Lizs, the team journeys the clients to good healthy skin by giving them solutions that consist of lifestyle habits to a daily skincare routine and not just by selling its products and treatment packages. The clients are provided with complete information from the root of the skin problem that they are experiencing and how both can journey to see a better recovery to health and youthfulness. “We are all about growing old gracefully so we are committed to never harm the skin with invasive therapies and quick fixes but we choose responsibly what skincare we use and machine therapies we perform in our treatment rooms,” states Alice. Emma Lizs is currently serving the next generation, their client’s children and the team cannot afford to lose the trust and faith that the clients have had in them for all these years.

Alice says, “Our core goal in our treatment is to tone the facial muscles so it will be lifted and firm like in a body exercise, speed up cell regeneration so the skin is renewed, and boost up the production of collagen and elastin so the skin is bouncy with youthfulness. Though we are proud of the many awards we received for our treatments and skincare products but nothing matters more than our client’s trust.”

Passing the Torch

In 2011, Alice boldly and courageously embarked on her own line of skincare. With 18 years of experience, she created a skincare line that caters to her client’s needs and has never looked back ever since. Emma Lizs is proud and elated to have met their client’s need and concern with safe and yet effective ingredients without compromising.

Shortly, Emma Lizs is looking forward to starting a beauty academy to train aspiring beauty therapists to provide rightful recognition and status to the profession. The company aims to generate highly professional beauty therapist that is skillful, knowledgeable, and has a passion to serve.

Emma Lizs has also started a ‘Girls EMPOWERED’ project. It is an initiative to provide skills and knowledge needed to be a Beauty Therapist, for free, to girls and women from the marginalized and underprivileged communities so they are empowered for their livelihood. In addition, the training includes motivation and having the right mindset.

Personally, Alice hopes to see the improvement of the standard of professionalism in the profession of Beauty Therapist and pass on her years of knowledge and skills to the next generation so they will soar and do better.