Alexandre Grellier: A Proficient Leader with Adequate Industry Experience

Over the years, it has become clear that physical data rooms for corporate transactions were woefully inadequate. Alexandre Grellier identified a gap for secure and confidential online virtual data rooms that had emerged. Rather than simply offering an online version of the physical spaces, where access to confidential or sensitive information was provided to professionals carrying out due diligence, Alexandre’s goal was to digitize many aspects of the deal process and automate workflows. After an intensive development phase, Drooms was born and his ideas about how such a platform should look and perform came to fruition.

Drooms: Award-winning Data Room Provider

Drooms was founded in 2001 in Munich and started from very humble beginnings. It is now the leading Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider in Europe with a 40-50% market share of the German commercial real estate sector alone. According to Alexandre, VDR platforms are utilizing the likes of AI and machine learning to run deals of all sizes even more efficiently.

Alexandre Grellier
Alexandre Grellier,
CEO, Drooms

Whether one is working around the clock on an M&A transaction, a structured finance deal, a restructuring, an insolvency process, a fundraising campaign, a real estate sale, IPO or NPL transaction the demands for instant access and fast, innovative, and highly functional software that streamlines processes are the same. In an age where data privacy and confidentiality are scarce, they ensure a high standard of security and reliability too.

Drooms is also seeing a greater demand for ‘permanent data rooms’ to manage portfolios. Its ‘deal lifecycle tool’ is developed in-house and based on market feedback helps to create a controlled, standardized environment for documents relating to deals and portfolio companies, which can aid portfolio tracking and reporting and can also speed up an exit process.

The prominent company connects professionals and information in the worlds’ real capital markets via its virtual data room offering. Besides providing the infrastructure, Drooms services anything around the effective management of documentation (24*7*365) too such as the sourcing, scanning, digitizing, and structuring of information within the VDR platform.

By using an online data room the company reduces expenses linked to the transportation of both stakeholders and the required transaction-related documentation. Along with the cost savings, the benefits of establishing and maintaining a VDR are clear: increased flexibility, better control, and accessibility of documentation throughout the hold phase, compliance, and elimination of information silos.

Alexandre says, “It goes without saying that an accurate, complete document base is required to correctly assess the value of a given asset.” In light of this information, Drooms supports portfolio and fund managers to create long-term value via sustainable data preparation. Once the transaction is ready, assets can be spun off from Drooms’ PORTFOLIO into its Drooms TRANSACTION data room allowing clients to conduct their transactions in a profitable, secure, fast, and transparent manner.

A Visionary Leader

“Values define who we are and shape the way we work.” Alexandre believes in trust and in promoting transparency, short decision-making processes, and open feedback culture. Along with that, he values passion and firmly believes Drooms employees are the company’s greatest asset. 

The ardent entrepreneur encourages professional and personal development as well as appropriate work-life balance. In the VDR space, innovation is crucial and Alexandre urges out of the box thinking to move the company forward. Finally, he values excellence and going the extra mile every day to achieve success.

The widespread use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has prompted the redesign of jobs across industries. To date, there remains a shortage of technical skills, particularly in Europe. To tackle this challenge, Drooms hired a new team leader in June 2019 to help develop the required expertise in the field of machine learning and natural language processing. We continuously look for people with a rare talent to further improve our products and services.

Envisioning Success

More than 25,000 companies across the world use Drooms’ platform, including leading global corporations, real estate companies, consultancy firms, and law firms. Over the years, the company has facilitated over EUR 500 billion worth of transactions & supported over 15,000 projects. It is headquartered in Frankfurt with branch offices in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich, and Zug. “Personally, I look forward to expanding further, continuously innovating and breaking boundaries, generating real added value for our customers and providing the best in class service that makes a difference to how they work,” concludes, Alexandre.